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Insanity Max:30 Review: Friday Fight: Round 1

The last new workout of week one of month one of Insanity Max:30 is Friday Fight: Round 1. Beachbody says, "You've been preparing all week and now it's time for Friday Fight. This workout will be a battle between your mind telling you to push to a new Max and your body saying, 'OMG, are you serious?' And this is just Round 1." To sum it up: This workout kicked my butt.

Friday Fight is definitely the most challenging of the month one workouts I have done so far. (I will admit that I was super tired when I did this workout, but I still think I would have found it to be very hard.) One of the most difficult parts of the workout is that breaks are almost completely eliminated. You move straight from the warm-up into Round 1, which lasts for over ten minutes. You then get a quick thirty second break before going at it again for several minutes. There is one more thirty second break and then four or so minutes for the last round. The fact that you don't get breaks every five minutes, like in the other workouts, is decidedly a paradigm shift and means you have to change your mental focus. Gone are the days of saying to yourself, "Come on -- it's only one more minute!" (Or in the case of the Tabata workout, "Come on -- it's only 20 seconds!")

Below is the moves list.

Chest Open Jack: Jack the feet and do chest openers with the arms
Jack Uppercut: Jack the feet and do alternating left and right uppercuts
1-2-3 Knee: Side to side three times. Have arms at chest level and open to the sides. Bring up your knee and touch it with the same arm.
Jump Rope
High Knee Jab: Front jabs along with high knees.

(Repeat all moves again to complete the warm-up.)

Round 1:
Hop Hop Runner: Hop twice laterally and then curl the inside leg up and back into a dramatic running motion. Hop and run to the other side. Repeat side to side.
Plyo Power Knee - R: Bring the right knee towards the chest. The foot on the floor hops out, slightly to the side, and then under the body.
Plyo Power Knee - L: Bring the left knee towards the chest. The foot on the floor hops out to the side and then under the body.
Switch Kick Punch: As you punch your arms, kick your legs left and right as fast as you can as as high as you can.
Wide In & Out - Knee Tap: Start in plank position with your feet wide. Hop your feet in, under your body. Take one arm and tap the opposite knee. Jump back out into plank with feet wide and bring your arm back down. Repeat and tap the other hand to the other knee. Repeat side to side.
Med Ball Twist: Jack the feet and bring hands (together) up and over the head in an arc to the left and right.
Moving Jump Cross: Jump laterally to the side, then do a cross punch. Now jump to the other side and do a cross punch to that side. Repeat moving side to side and punching with alternate arms.
Speed In & Out Abs: In plank, jump the feet in towards the chest and then back out. Repeat as quickly as possible (Note: This is where I Maxed Out at 11:15. My legs were toast!)
Scissor Stance Jack:Squat then jump up and scissor the feet. When you are down in the squat alternate touching your hand to the opposite foot.
4 Jab - 4 High Knee: Four jabs while standing and then four running high knees.
Tricep Dip Reach: In table top, do trice dips. When you push-up, lift one arms and touch it to the opposite leg. Alternate left and right. (Note: This one of the moves that challenged my balance initially. I have been practicing and am starting to get the hang of it. The key is keeping the legs wide enough and engaging the core a lot!)

Round 2:
Hit The Floor: Move laterally side to side quickly and tap the floor with one hand and then the other. Keep in a somewhat low stance.
2 Jab - 2 Tuck: Two jabs to the side, then two tuck jumps (where you jump and bring you feet under your glutes bringing your knees to the chest). Then jab to the other side and jump again. Alternate side to side with the jabs after each set of tuck jumps.
Burpee Lunge - Alt: Squat, put the hands to the flor and then jump back into plank. Jump back into a squat and then jump the left leg forwards and the right leg back into a lunge. Repeat, this time doing a lunge on the opposite leg. Repeat, switching lunges from leg to leg.
Ab Attack - R: Stand in a sideways squat-type position with arms extended. Jump the feet in and lift the right knee. As you do so, bring the left arm in towards the right knee engaging the abs and twisting slightly.
Ab Attack - L: Stand in a sideways squat-type position with arms extended. Jump the feet in and lift the left knee. As you do so, bring the right arm in towards the left knee engaging the abs and twisting slightly.
Wide Pike-Ups: With feet wide and body in plank, do a pike-up (raising your hips in the air so you are jumping into an upside down v-shape). Jump back into plank. Repeat.
10 & 2: Do a twisting jump where you jump between 10 and 2 on the clock.
Squat Kick - R: Squat and then kick the right leg. While kicking the right leg, hop on the left foot.
Squat Kick - L: Squat and then kick the left leg. While kicking the left leg, hop on the right foot.
"X" Jump - "X" Plank: Do an x-jump, where you jump vertically in to the air from a demi-squat position with the arms extended above and the legs below, making and x-shape. Come down and then go down into plank with wide feet to create an x-plank.
Plank Toe Taps: In plank, bring one foot in and then tap with the opposite hand. Alternate left and right hands with right and left feet.
Knee Diamond Push-Up: In plank but with knees down, do diamond push-ups. For diamond push-ups, have your hands together with the thumbs and pointer fingers touching to make a diamond shape. (Note: Diamond push-ups are one of the most challenging types of push-ups. Of course, having the knees down, instead of being in full plank, helps a lot. However, if you need to make them easier, you can bring your finger a little bit farther apart so that the thumbs and pointer fingers are not quite touching. This makes it easier to have a better range of motion in the push-up I find.)

(Note: The last three moves in this round were new to the Max:30 program to me and were not moves that I had seen. This was different than the rest of the workout. Maybe we'll see those moves in Tabata Strength, which is added in week 3 of month 1.)

Round 3:
Split Lunge Punch: Do a plyo split lung moving the feet forward and back in a lunge position. Punch forward with the alternate arm (as front leg).
Plank Punch: In a plank position, lift one arm to be even with the body and punch forward. Bring that arm back down to the floor and then punch the other arm. Alternate back and forth with the arms.
Moving Squat Jab: From a squat, jump laterally to the side. Punch left, right. Then jump back to the side and do two punches again. Repeat, moving side to side and punching.
Punching Abs: Sit in a c-sit position and punch your abs with you fists. (Note: There are no words to describe how ridiculous this looks and feels. Also, the punching hurt my stomach. Duh.)

If you notice, the moves are pretty much all ones that we have seen in other Max:30 workouts from month one. The idea of Friday Fight is that it's the "Game Day" workout of the week -- the big one. You are supposed to take the workouts you know, string them together, and go as hard as you can with good form for as long as you can until you Max Out. Difficulty is increased by the longer intervals and the variety of both cardio and strength moves. That being said, the workout is definitely more cardio focused -- I was out of breath for most the of the 30 minutes, and I tend to be pretty good at high intensity training. 

This one is a tough workout! I Maxed out at 11:15, by far the earliest I have Maxed Out so far. I can't wait to try it again, when I am less tired and see how far I can get. Friday Fight is the big challenge of month one and I want to nail it!

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