Monday, December 22, 2014

Insanity Max:30 Review: Ab Attack:10

 A week and a half into Max:30, I decided to check out the supplemental ten minute ab workout included on the cardio workout DVDs, Ab Attack:10. This workout is meant to be done, as desired, after the cardio workouts or as part of the special Ab Maximizer workout calendar (which requires that you purchase the extra two Max:30 workouts that don't come with the standard set).

Beachbody describes Ab Attack:10 this way,"This 10-minute routine will feel like an attack on your abs but you'll love the results. Check out the Ab Maximizer Workout Calendar to see how you can get six-pack abs from this one crazy workout. (Note: You will find Ab Attack: 10 on all your cardio workouts.)"

Here is the moves list for Ab Attack:10. You do each move for one minute for a total of ten minutes.

Floor Tuck Jumps: Sitting in c-sit position, engage your abs and lift your feet off the ground with bent knees. Tap hands to knees as if doing a seated tuck jump.
Low Plank Side Punch: In low plank (on elbows), lift one arm, reach it under your torso and punch to the opposite side. Put that arm back down and reverse on the other side. Go side to side trying not to move the hips.
Knee Push Extension: From c-sit, open up legs and arms lying back completely on the floor. Stretch the arms overhead and the legs out in front. Arms and legs are four inches from the floor. Pop back up into c-sit. Repeat move over and over.
Reciprocating Knee: In plank, tap on knee to the floor and then the other. Alternate back and forth with the knees while maintaining plank position.
Switch Kick Abs: On the back, scissor legs up and down and punch opposite hand to raised leg.
Plank Toe Taps: In plank, bring one foot in and then tap with the opposite hand. Alternate left and right hands with right and left feet.
Ab Sprint: In a c-sit position, pedal / sprint the feet as quickly as possible with control and abs engage. Hands should be performing a running motion.
Tricep Push-up Extension: Start in plank position. Lower down into a tricep push-up and then lie flat on your stomach. With the strength of your back lift your arms and legs straight forward and back about four inches off the ground. Bring your arms back in and push back up into plank for the tricep push-up. Repeat.
Floor Ab Attack: Sit in a c-sit with feet lifted off the floor. Chop arms left and right.
Drum "V": Do a v-sit with legs and torso extended into a v-shape, seated on your tailbone. Drum your fist on your abs.

Bottom line: This workout is no joke! "Oh, it's only ten minutes," I thought, "How bad can it be?" Answer, "Bad." This was hard. I didn't track my Max Out time, but I should have -- it was in the first exercise. I also ended up doing some of these moves modified as my abs and hip flexors began to protest.

I should say that I don't do a ton of pure ab work. I do work my core with plank work, and did fine with the plank moves in this ab set. Overall, I tend to focus more on strengthening my back of my core than the front of my core, i.e. the abs. I don't do crunches and the like all that much, and that's where I really felt the pain in Ab Attack:10. Clearly, I should be working my core in a more well-rounded way.

If you are really into ab exercises, you are going to love this workout. I definitely found the exercises to be interesting and unique. It was giving me something I don't always get in other ab workouts, which is fantastic. I especially liked the plank work and found the tricep push-up extension to be a really cool new move. I do want to work more on my core strength, so, as time allows, I hope to add this workout in once a week after a cardio workout. Definitely a nice bonus workout to have!

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