Sunday, May 18, 2014

Boston Tea

In the flurry of activity at work and with Ragnar, I've neglected to share a most excellent adventure from the end of April. The last weekend of the month, saw us heading to Boston for tea at the Taj Hotel.

Before the summer, my father had cut an article out of the paper for me detailing some excellent places to have tea in Boston. This led Seth and me to travel to Boston over the summer and have tea at the Boston Public Library. Since this was basically my favorite thing ever, we decided to take another trip into Boston for tea. The tea was originally schedule for the weekend after my birthday in March, so I had invited a bunch of friends to celebrate. When we had to reschedule, fortunately everyone was able to make it.

The day we were scheduled to go into Boston turned out to be cool and rainy -- the perfect day for tea. We headed to the Taj. The hotel is right in the heart of downtown Boston and boarders the lovely Boston Public Garden.

The hotel was very upscale -- certainly fancier than I was expecting. We were given excellent directions to the well-decorated tea room where we were able to meet up with the rest of our part of ten.

Because we wanted to try everything, we opted to do the Taj tea. This offered us our choice of tea along with savory sandwiches, pastries, and scones. My favorite part of the tea was likely the tea menu, which was vast! All of the tea was loose leaf and served in a large pot which was placed on a plate with a flame underneath -- kind of like a samovar. This kept the tea hot. The Taj had several tea options that were blended just for the hotel. I like a nice chia and decided to have the Taj blend custom chai, which was one of the teas created for the Taj. It was extremely tasty.

Our first round of food was the savory sandwiches. The items included (from top down) were:
  • Egg salad
  • Tuna
  • Prosciutto and mellon
  • Smoked salmon and caviar
  • Crab on cucumber
  • Cucumber and cream cheese

Unexpectedly, I found myself very partial to the melon and prosciutto. What and unexpectedly delicious combination!

The second round of tea featured sweets and scones. The scones came with cream (not as thick as clotted cream, which was kind of too bad) and lemon curd. The lemon curd was especially amazing! The sweets selection included:
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Sable cookie
  • Chocolate and lemon scones
  • Sugared jelly candies
  • Chocolate truffle
  • Macaroons
  • A mini-pie (apple filled)
  • Madeline cookie

I can hardly think of the last time I had so many sweets all at once. Of course everything was delicious. The scones were a universal favorite.

Since it was just a few weeks after the Boston Marathon, we decided to take a quick walk over to the finish line after the tea. Very inspiring! I was there with runner-friend, Dave. One year, when he qualifies for Boston, I will come to cheer him on.

We also briefly visited the Marathon Sports running store at the marathon finish line. They truly had everything. It was a great running store in an awesome location. 

All in all a fantastic trip to Boston. I loved tea at the Taj just as much as tea at the Boston Public Library -- though the library has a edge because it's the library and you all know how I feel about that. I  definitely want to make another trip into Boston for tea this summer and check out another place on the list!

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