Saturday, January 25, 2014

P90X3: The Warrior Review

I kicked off today with the sixth P90X3 workout on the schedule, The Warrior. This workout was great and reminded me quite a bit of T25. No equipment was required for this workout -- you just need you body for resistance. The Warrior was designed by Tony Horton for the military and there were two police men in the DVD.

The workout moves quite quickly from move to move -- there was much less stopping than in other workouts like Agility X. We were moving much more consistently with just a few thirty second water breaks for water. I really like this format, as it makes for better cardio.

The Warrior was a total body workout. I would say the main focus was cardio, but there was upperbody and ab work interspersed for a kind of circuit-style training experience.

We started out with the standard warm-up of jogging, jacks, and dynamic stretching. It was then on to the workout. We did each move once and worked straight through.
  • Plank Sphinx Push-ups: Begin in forearm plan. Walk your hands up into full plank and do a push-up. Adjust from forearm to full plank to push-up on cue. (My chest was still tired from this week, especially The Challenge, so after around half a minute I finished this exercise on my knees.)
  • Speed Skater: Shift from left to right foot, jumping laterally and landing on just one foot with the other bent behind you. Arms follow. After doing single Speed Skater, switch to doubles where you do another lateral hop after transitioning laterally. (I've done this move in a lot of the Shaun T workouts, and it's a good one. I had never done the doubles though, and really enjoyed that added challenge.)
  • Down Dog Crunches: In downward dog, lower into plan and pull your knee to the elbow on the same side. Bring the leg back and then pull it in between you arms. Bring the leg back again and then crunch across the body to the elbow on the opposite side. Switch legs. (This was an intensified version of a move from T25 Stretch. I really liked the twisting crunch in. We did this for at least a full minute -- maybe more -- and at the end my shoulders were getting very tired.)
  • Side Lunge Jump Shot: Step out to the side in a lunge reaching to the floor. Press back to the middle and jump straight up with arms like your throwing a basketball. Alternate side to side. (Again, this was somewhat similar to a move we've done before in P90X3 and also to a move from Insanity. I like jumping around because it get's the heart rate up.)
  • Elevator Push-ups: Start in high plank, lower to mid plank or to the floor as requested in a push-up position. Adjust height on cue. (Woah! This was definitely hard. We did a full minutes, and I had to do most of this on my knees. I rallied for the last 15 seconds and did the move in full plank.)
  • Double Uppercut, Sprawls: With feet in fight stance, perform an uppercut with your front hand and then back hand. Then jump back down to the floor into plank, like you're doing a half burpee. Come back to standing and repeat. Change lead after 30 seconds. (Anything with a burpee is good news in my book! They move pretty quickly through this move, and I had to race to keep up.)
  • Roller Boat: Begin on your tailbone with bent knees. Roll back onto your shoulders and then return to your tailbone, extend your legs in front of you in Boat and reach your hands towards the feet. (Somewhat similar to Boat Plow, but without going into pull Plow. As always Boat is a challenge and I usually find myself bending my legs since I have tight hamstrings.)
  • One Leg Jump Squats: On one leg, reach both hands to the floor bending your knees. Jump off the floor as high as you can. Switch legs after 30 seconds. (I remembered these from Asylum -- love them! They work the calves great. I think we did a minute on each side in Asylum, if I'm remembering correctly, so this was no problem. You can modify by tapping or putting weight on the assisting leg as needed.)
  • Thumbs-up Push-up: In plank, lowering into a push-up. Come up extending your right arm and left left off the ground. Lower into another push-up; when you come up lift your left arm and right leg. Keep alternating sides. (We did this for a full minute. My chest was still feeling beat. I did a little over half in full plank and then dropped to my knees for a little bit. Interestingly in P90X3 they never show dropping to your knees as a modification for push-up moves. I think they should, especially for this move which is a big balance challenge. This works your chest, shoulders, and all your core muscles as you stabilize.)
  • Elbow, Over the Top Elbow, Sprawl: In fighter stance, do one hook and the one high elbow with the alternate hand. Jump back into a half burpee. Return to standing and repeat switching sides after thirty seconds. (Like the Double Uppercut, Sprawls this move was great. Burpees are always good for getting you breathing. They moved quickly, and I had to stay focused to keep up.)
  • Fifter Scissor Twist: Lying on your back, extend one leg towards the ceiling and reach to the outside of your foot with the other arm. Switch arms and legs back and forth keeping legs straight. (I've done this move many times before in T25 and other workouts. It's very similar, in my mind, to Scissors from Pilates. Does a great job working the abs.)
  • Warrior Squat Lunges: In a squat with your right hand to the outside of your right foot, jump back into a lunge with the right foot back and hand to the sky. Jump back into squat and repeat. Move to left side at the mid-point. (Can't go wrong with plyo squats and lunges. My legs felt tired after this one, but in a good way.)
  • Super Burpee: In a sumo squat, jump back into plank, do a push-up and draw knees to the chest on each side. Do another push-up Jump back into a deep squat. For a harder version do push-ups between the knees and do a tuck jump at the top of the burpee. (I decided to not do the added push-ups but to definitely do the jump at the top of the move. All three people on the DVD were showing three different levels of difficulty for this move. I didn't get as out of breath with this as other burpees because you spend so long at the bottom of the move doing resistance work.)
  • Think Drills: With feet wide do fast feet. Follow cues for arms up, out, and "rabbit". Follow cues for moving in different directions with the legs. (This was just like what you do in some of the month one Insanity workouts -- although Shaun T has more dignity and doesn't require the rabbit move. Still, lots of fun.)
  • Abrinome: Lie down with your arms at a 45 degree angle from your sides and legs straight up. On cue, bring your legs to the right, center, and left. Legs should be at a 45 degree angle from the floor or higher. (I liked this move a lot. I really felt the rotation in my back and hips. Not too hard, but a nice move nonetheless.)
  • Spiderman Squats: In a deep squat jump 1/4 of a circle side to side landing in another deep squat. Increase to 1/2 circle and then a full circle. (Doing the full turn was a bit tricky because the people on the DVD were not doing a hugely high jump. When I've had to do full circles in the past, like in Asylum 2: Championship, we've jumped very high. The move as done in P90X3 felt like it worked my inner legs more, interestingly enough.)

I loved this workout! I think it was a great blend of cardio and strength moves. I felt I worked my entire body: upper, lower, and core. Of all the workouts in P90X3, this one reminded me of T25 the most. It was similar with total body moves and continuous movement. The workout is very dynamic in that it focuses on so many areas of fitness. It's a great supplemental workout any day of the week.

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