Sunday, October 6, 2013


In all honesty, fall is a difficult time of year for me. It's super busy at work, signaling the return to working evening hours. It's also when the days get shorter and colder. For the fall, I like to make plans to keep myself focused and mentally engaged (ie. as happy as possible). For this fall, I've fallen somewhere in the middle with my efforts. I do have one big success to report: I finished the Talon Throw blanket!
Finishing the Talon Throw is a big deal. I started this blanket at the very beginning of September... of 2012. The blanket has taken me an entire 13 months of work to finish. I think it's worth it.
I love this blanket and will be keeping it for our bedroom. It's so warm!
I also have taken the time to do a couple of fall activities. Seth and I had a lovely picnic on Mount Pollux and I took time to go apple picking with a good friend.
Unfortunately, the goal that I have not met is to sign-up for and race another half marathon. I had really been excited to try the Newburyport Half Marathon, but decided, after much consideration, that it would be to hectic to do so. The race takes place on a Sunday, the day after I have to work all Saturday.
September and early October have been a big challenge for me work-wise, and I've been tired. While I have been doing 45 minutes to an hour of good exercise each day, I haven't been up to the intensive training I would want to do for a half marathon.
I have also realized that I want to keep my free weekends free. Last fall, I participated in a lot of local races. I loved that, but this year, I knew that I needed more down time. I decided to forgo the local 5Ks, a distance I don't really enjoy running anyway. I am signed up for the Cider Donut Run 10K in November. The 10K distance is my favorite, and I loved that run last year -- great course and nice local event in Amherst. Having fewer races on the calendar makes that race seem even more special.
I also may run Manchester with my dad and stepmother on Thanksgiving. That would be super exciting, especially since the Manchester Road Race is so famous. I hope that we get this coordinated. A run of approximately five miles with family sounds like the perfect way to start Thanksgiving. Doing something I enjoy with people I love.
Because I didn't get to do all the races I hoped to this fall, I am already putting together a 2014 race bucket list. I might not get to do 100% of these races due to logistics, but I will sure try.
2014 Bucket List
  • Tough Mudder New England on Sunday, June 1 (Seth!!!! and I are already signed up.)
  • Spartan Super (This is a maybe. Spartan is hoping to have a super for the first time ever in New England. If it's in a good location, I would love to go.)
  • Bone Frog Challenge (I had wanted to do this OCR this year, but it was on the same day as my half marathon. I'm hoping they hold this race again in Charlemont and that I can go. I'm waiting to see what date they have planned.)
  • Newburyport Half Marathon (Because I will miss it this year and still really want to do it!)
  • Hogsback Half Marathon (I wasn't able to do this run this year because of my best friend's wedding. It was well worth missing the race for the wedding, of course, but I would love to do this next September.)
  • Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Half on Saturday and Sunday, June 7 and 8 (Runner's World magazine has done a half marathon and festival for two years now near their headquarters in Pennsylvania and will be bringing the race to Boston next year. I would love to do this race, but it's the weekend right after Tough Mudder. I'm not sure if I'd be able to run a half marathon so close to a Tough Mudder. Runner's World is offering 5K and 10K options [and a hat trick], so I might consider doing the 10K instead. That way I could have fun at the festival and not have things be too hard. Still, the half is tempting.)
We'll have to see how things go for 2014. So far the Tough Mudder is the only race that I've signed up for. And there still aren't dates for most of those other races, so we'll see what happens.

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