Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Focus T25: Extreme Circuit

Today, Seth did the third workout on the T25 Gamma calendar, Extreme Circuit. (Note: I missed seeing Seth do the second workout, Rip't Up, because I was at work. Review will follow next week when he does it again while I'm home.)
The workout started with weights in the hands and their barely left throughout the 25 minutes. The first move was Alternating Heel Taps. Next it was right into strength training with Upright Row. This was followed by a Dual Shoulder Press. The people on the DVD were using anywhere from what looked like 5 to 12 pound weights. Andy used resistance bands, maybe a 20 lb. band. Next up was Alternating Knee Crunch. Shaun T had you holding your weights at 90 degrees while alternating the knees.
Then it was time for the Burn Out: Heel Taps, Upright Row, Dual Shoulder Press, and Alternating Knee Crunch. This was the first Burn Out that we'd seen in some time.
After the Burn Out, we were about 5 minutes into the workout. The next move was Alternativing Front Kick 90 Degree Hold. Scott, Shaun T's husband, showed this move using a pull-up bar; it looked killer hard. After that, it was Dual Hammer Curl which transitioned into Hammer Curl + Squat. Next was 90 Degree Straight Leg Hold on the left and then right. At this point, Seth looked over at me and said, "This is intense!"
Time for Burn Out #2: Alternativing Front Kick 90 Degree Hold, Dual Hammer Curl, Hammer Curl + Squat, and 90 Degree Straight Leg Hold. Ten minutes down; fifteen to go.
Up next were Weighted Burpees. Scott did pull-up burpees and earned my undying respect. Seth's burpees looked great, which is especially excellent since this is a move that he struggled with in the past. After that it was Tricep Push-ups. Shaun T kept the weights in hand for this move and used them to get a broader range of motion. The next move was Weighted Squat. A basic move, but one that is a classic for a reason -- it works. Following that was Plank Crunch, where you were in plank and did knee taps. Again, Shaun T had everyone keep their weights in their hands for this.
Burn Out #3: Weighted Burpee, Tricep Push-up, Weighted Squat, and Plank Crunch.
With ten minutes left, Shaun T had everyone drop the weights and start to do Elbow Mountain Climbers. Instead of doing floor sprints in full plank, this move had everyone doing floor sprints in low plank on your elbows. After that it was Burpee + Front Kick, a move that we had seen in Core Speed and Speed 3.0. Following that it was Reciprocating Bicep Curls in a lunge position, first with the left leg forward, then the right. Next was Plank Walk + Spider Lunge on the floor. It was just one plank walk in each direction and then one spider lunge on that side. One left, one right, one left, one right. So on and so forth. For this round, the only move that used the weights was the Reciprocating Bicep Curls.
Burn Out #4: Elbow Mountain Climbers, Burpee + Front Kick, Reciprocating Bicep Curls, and Plank Walk + Spider Lunge.
Five minutes left. It was time for Wide Fly + Hip Thrust. Then it was Shoulder Press Twist. Shaun T had everyone in a lunge rotating side to front to side and doing a shoulder press each time you rotated. Following that it was Walking Ski Abs. Instead of jumping the Ski Abs side to side, like you do in Insanity, you had to take little steps side to side and slowly move from side to back to side. Next was Deadlift + Hammer Curl. For the Deadlift, Shaun T had you bend over and lift one leg to the back (side to side) to make this a balance move in addition to a strength move.
Burn Out #5: Wide Fly + Hip Thrust, Shoulder Press Twist, Walking Ski Abs, and Deadlift + Hammer Curl.
Overall, I liked how this workout mixed work with hand weights along with floor work that used your body weight as resistance. There was a good blend, which kept things interesting and challenging. Definitely a solid bit of strength training with excellent variety. I can't see getting bored with this workout.
Seth reports that the toughest moves were the Walking Ski Abs, which just felt kind of odd. He also thinks that he needs to work on the Tricep Push-ups. Other than that, he said it was really fun...but hard. The static holds you had to do with the weights while doing dynamic moves were definitely a challenge and fatigued the muscles.
This is the hardest strength workout he's done for T25, but he says the strength workouts are some of his favorite. I'm excited to hear how Seth will like The Pyramid workout tomorrow!

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