Sunday, June 2, 2013

Salisbury Beach

Friday night, Seth and I headed to the northeastern most corner of Massachusetts to spent time with my friends Sarah and Melanie (plus spouses) at Sarah's family's beach house. Since the weather was 90+ degrees and sunny this weekend, it was a perfect time for a beach trip.

Saturday morning, we started the day by walking out the door and onto the beach. It was around 9:45 a.m., but already blazing in the sun. The water was amazingly cool though -- probably around 60 degrees -- and we took full advantage of it.

Seth has always claimed that he's not much of a beach person or much of a swimmer. While it's true that he doesn't like to sit on the beach and soak up the rays (which isn't good for you anyway), he's totally a beach person. He had a wonderful time riding the waves and spent a ton of time in the water (where he acquitted himself quite nicely). He also scoped the beach for shells and sea-glass. 

I spent as much time in the water as I could. Although, I had to keep going in and out to warm up my feet and legs when they started getting numb.

After the freezing water, it was nice to spend a brief bit of time in the sun. 

After just under two hours on the beach we headed back to the house to coordinate ourselves for a trip into Newburyport, a fifteen minute drive away. 

After some lunch, we shopped downtown. The town reminded me a little of Northampton with all the local businesses, although without the "artsy" feel -- this was more of a coastal tourist town.

I enjoyed a bunch of the stores. One has the most amazing succulents. I want to make a desk terrarium like this!

 There was also an amazing wine and cheese store. If it's hadn't been so hot out, I would have loved to pick up some of the interesting cheeses they had.

There was a very cool British store where I got a Cadbury Flake. Unfortunately they didn't have my favorite British item, Mini Cheedars.

It was great fun getting away for part of the weekend, especially since we don't have a vacation planned this year. We're now back home after the longest car ride ever (tons of traffic) and enjoying some time with Lily. We have a few mementos from our trip to reminder us of the fun time we had.

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