Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More on P90X

Yesterday I checked out the second of the P90X cardio workouts, Kenpo X, a martial arts inspired hour-long session.   Coming off Les Mills Combat and being a big lover of kickboxing and martial arts workout overall, I was interested to see how this one fared.

Kenpo X started with a fifteen minute stretching segment. Stretching is fine, but I'm not a big fan of stretching right before a workout. This was deep yoga style stretching, which in general, I've heard is not recommended before using your muscles as it slightly "weakens" them and can cause injury. I would have much preferred this long stretch after the workout. 

The cardio was set up in multiple segments with little "breaks" where you did a minute of running in place, jump rope, jacks, and mini x-jumps. The first cardio section focused on punches with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. The second section added in some leg work mainly front kicks, side kicks, and back kicks. We then did a segment with blocks. The final segment seemed to integrate moves from all the previous segments. 

All in all, I would give this workout an average rating. The cardio was fine -- it got my heart rate up, though moderately, as the intensity was average. The combinations were kind of lack-luster, especially after the more involved and exciting combinations in Les Mills Combat and TurboFire. I would have liked to see more integration of the upper and lower body work throughout the workout. This would have added more interest to the workout and more energy. 

I also would have liked to see better form from the individuals on the DVD, especially the leader, Tony Horton. I think now that they have Les Mills in their stable, Tony might want to take the opportunity to learn martial arts from them. The kicks and blocks looked especially sloppy. 

My favorite part about this workout was getting to see a few new martial arts moves I hadn't really done before. They do a lot of advancing (front shuffle) and also a lot of blocks. I had done blocks with Les Mills Combat, but it was fun to do more in succession. 

In total, this workout was fine cardio, but a little bit less than inspiring. I got a fine workout, but felt that the combinations could have had more intensity and that this would have added energy and enthusiasm to the workout. 

I now have done the majority of the P90X workouts on the month 1 schedule. I still have the Stretch X (which I'm hoping is an easier alternative to Yoga X) and Core Synergistics (a total body workout) to check out. I also have not done the Cardio X workout, however, my understanding of this workout is that you can substitute it if the Plyometrics workout (which I liked a lot) is too hard. I'm planning to check out the Stretch X and Core Synergistics workouts in the next week for sure. 

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