Monday, April 22, 2013

April Round-up

It's been a whirl-wind of a month. With all the things we've been doing, there are one or two exciting things I've forgotten to share.

The most exciting thing was Seth's birthday on the 6th. We had a really fun day. (I extra enjoyed this because I had been kind of sick for my birthday, and we couldn't do a lot.) We spent a wonderful afternoon browsing the stores in Northampton, followed by dinner at one of our new favorite restaurants, Lumber Yard, in Amherst.

The meal started off with appetizers of poutine and something they call the chicken pasty, which is chicken in phyllo. Seth also had an exciting cocktail.

For our entrees, I had an eggplant dish and Seth had the hamburger he always gets when we go to the Lumber Yard. We got a small scoop of Cap'n Crunch ice cream for dessert to share. The best part was how they dressed it up for Seth's birthday.

 We followed dinner with a trip to the Amherst Cinema to see the Studio Ghibli film, From Up on Poppy Hill. A super fun day!

We followed the big birthday celebration with a big spring cleaning. Look how great everything looks!

We cleaned the house from the basement up and got everywhere. We cleaned the ceilings to the baseboards. I cleaned the glass on all the windows, took out the screens and vacuumed them, and even cleaned in the casements. 

I'm glad we cleaned the windows because I wanted them to look nice for when we got them measured. That's right -- we're getting new windows. Our condo board passed a resolution last spring requiring everyone to replace their windows in the next couple of years. We had been waiting, saving up money to put down, and are finally ready to go. We're replacing all our windows and our slider. (The slider was not required to be replaced, but our slider loses a lot of heat.) All our windows are original to our home, which was built in the 60s, so I'm glad they're getting replaced.

Seth and I also have a focus on eating very healthy as the spring rolls around. We usually eat fairly healthy, but want to start doing even better. Seth made us a tasty smoothie with melon and dairy the other day.

I've also been making us some very healthy toast. I've been toasting some Ezekiel bread then mashing up half an avocado and putting it on top. This plus a smoothie makes an excellent dinner.

Another fun healthy thing we're trying is a three month subscription to Bulu Box. There was a LivingSocial voucher for 3 months of Bulu Box for $15, so we decided to try it out. The first box came in the mail this week.

The box contained mostly healthy supplements, like vitamins and exercise aids. At first glance it's definitely not as cool as Kona Kase. For starters, when we subscribed to Kona Kase, we got a welcome letter from the owners, and we get a shipping notification and tracking information for each box. None of these things happened with Bulu Box.

Bulu Box is $10/month versus $15/month for Kona Kase. There are definitely more items in the Kona Kase, which makes sense because of the price difference, but I still felt like the stuff in Kona Kase was worth more than the stuff in Bulu Box (at the unit price level). I ate every single thing from my Kona Kase last month. I'm not 100% sure we'll use all the stuff in the Bulu Box.

This month's Bulu Box contained a supplement for aiding with concentration, a vitamin C spray, some cocoa powder to add to shakes (for the healthy benefits of cocoa), an energy shot, and a pre-workout energy boost. There was also a bonus $50 gift card to a website where you can download exercises. (That seems kind of exciting, and I will have to check it out.)

So far, we haven't checked out any of the stuff in the Bulu Box yet, but no doubt we will. I'll keep you posted.

The last exciting things that we did happened this weekend.  Seth and I have been wanting to redo our office. We long ago realized that we don't really need two desks in there. We wanted to free up some space and make the room a bit more refined.

Here are a couple of before pictures.


We took out Seth's desk, moved his computer to my desk, and then completely rearranged the bookshelves and disk chair. We also swapped out the curtains. (The old ones had been purchased in college for $5 each and have been much "loved" by Lily.)

Here's everything mid-move.

 Voila! Here's the result. We have so much more space. I think the room looks lots nicer.

I especially like having the chair in the corner -- it's a mini reading nook.

All in all, April's been quite the busy month. We have a couple more things left to do -- the Daffodil Fun Run 5K next weekend plus some work in the garden -- and then May is here.

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