Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kona Kase

Last night, a special treat came in the mail, my first Kona Kase. Kona Kase is a subscription service where, for $15/month, you receive a box filled with nutrition samples.

My first box came filled with awesome things!

The box also included a card which detailed the eight items that I received. There is even a place on the card to rate the products so you can figure out what you want to try again.

As you can see, this month's case included lots of nut butter based products and even some candy (see Suncups and Tcho). A bunch of these products offer discounts if you purchase more of them after trying them in your Kona Kase. 

I love nut butters and eat peanut butter on toast for breakfast regularly. I can't wait to try the almond butter (with a hint of cocoa) included in the Kase. There was a good variety of food bars including a Clif Bar, Brubar, and Perfect Foods Bar. I decided to kick off my Kona Kase experience by having the Brubar for breakfast. 

I would give it a 3.5 on the 1 - 5 scale. It was pretty tasty and a good consistency comprised of rolled barley and malt. I'm not crazy about malt flavor, but this was light, so I actually found it pleasant.The bar had a good blend of carbs and protein and kept me feeling pretty full all morning, a definite plus. The Brubar is marketed as an energy bar, and I can see why; it contains more sugars than I would normally eat in the morning, but it would probably be fine for exercise. Definitely a good product. I especially likes the short ingredient list.

This afternoon, I had need of a 3:30 p.m. pre-evening workout snack. I chose to try the Perfect Foods Bar Mini as it clocked in at just 100 calories. I'd give this product a 2.5 on the 1 - 5 scale. The bar was a bit too sweet. It had the consistency of almond butter, which I found to be not firm enough in a food bar. The ingredient list was massive. It was all things I know, like fruits and veggies and the nut butter, but it seemed to me to be a lot of stuff to put in such a tiny bar. Was I really getting any fruit or vegetable benefits or were the bit so small as to not even matter?

All in all, the Kona Kase is proving total fun! I have a three month subscription. I love getting mail and trying new things, so this is a very exciting experiment. I would definitely recommend Kona Kase -- they seem to have great attention to detail with how they put together their boxes, they include fun samples and snacks, plus it's a good value. If you're into trying out new things, this is the way to go.

If you'd like to try Kona Kase at a discount, you can use this link to get 50% off your order. I totally recommend it. 

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