Saturday, February 2, 2013

Going on an Adventure with the Star Trek Into Darkness App

I'm a Trekkie. Or Trekker. Whatever you want to call it. Either way the thrust is this: I'm a big fan of Star Trek.
As a result, you won't be too surprised to learn that I'm hugely excited for the new movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. I'm actually extra excited because Benedict Cumberbatch, who I love in the BBC show, Sherlock, is going to be playing the villain.
Of course, with all this anticipation for the new movie, I went and downloaded the Star Trek Into Darkness app right away when it came out this week.
The app contains missions, which require you to listen to things or scan things. When you complete these missions you increase you level and can work your way up through the ranks of Star Fleet.
Every week there will be new missions, this week, we had to start by watching the Into Darkness teaser trailer and announcement trailers. We also had to scan pictures from the issue of Empire magazine that featured Star Trek as the lead story and scan the cover of the Into Darkness comic book.
Eager to be members of Star Fleet, Seth and I decided to go on an adventure to scan all the things we needed to this week's missions. We started at home where we were able to complete the missions of seeing both movie trailers; an easy two missions down.
We then headed out of the house for what would be the longest mission, a trip to Modern Myths, a comic book and gaming store in Northampton, where we hoped to find the Count Down to Darkness comic we would need. Upon arriving at the store, we found that we were in luck. Comic book scanned -- mission completed!
While at the store, we took the time to honor Seth's love of the other Star francise, Star Wars, by purchasing the new Star Wars card game. (Seth is sleeving the cards literally as I type this, and we hope to play the game tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps a review will follow.)
Since we were all the way over in Northampton, we took a brief detour over to Tea Trekker. We had been planning to go to Tea Trekker on Sunday, as we had signed up for a tea tasting as part of their new Tea @ 3:00 series. Unfortunately, one of the owners was ill and the class had to be canceled. Poor gentleman.
I was in need of more oolong tea though, so we decided to head over to the store. I got a very nice Tieguanyin green-style oolong. Mary Lou, the owner, also gave me a sample of Tung Ting, another green style oolong, and a small oolong square to try.
Seth was super sweet and purchased me a surprise Valentine's Day gift, a beautiful gaiwan.
I plan to use this when I'm not using my tea pot. It's lovely and holds around 3.5 ounces. I can either drink the tea out of the gaiwan or steep in the gaiwan and then poor the tea into a second cup.
After the stop-off at the tea store and then at Off the Wall Games in Hadley to pick up sleeves for Seth's new cards, we were back on our mission. We knew the we needed to find an issue of Empire magazine. We had to scan multiple pictures from the issue for our missions.
We arrived at the Barnes & Noble and were in luck -- they had the magazine we needed. As we scanned the pictures, we completed multiple missions, increased our rank, and got the privilage of having the pictures added as a reward to the app.
Also, we opened up a couple of new missions. We had to find and scan the movie poster and also some images that we were to find online. I knew that there was a copy of the Into Darkness poster at the Cinemark movie theatre nextdoor to the bookstore, however we decided that we'd find the movie poster's image online and scan it as we were to do with the other missions. Success -- I had made it to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Next week, more missions would arrive, giving me the chance to increase my rank.

Also, they are supposedly playing a Star Trek Into Darkness ad during a commercial break during the second quarter of the Super Bowl tomorrow. If I scan the ad using my app, I'll supposedly unlock great things.
I was given one bonus mission at the end of the day today: travel to the future location of Star Fleet Academy. Since it's unlikely I'll be able to make a trip the Presidio in San Francisco any time soon, this mission might, sadly, be a wash.
After all the excitement and fun of completing our various Star Trek missions we headed back home to make some dinner. As I've mentioned before, Seth and I do most of our eating at home. As a result, we've both been looking for some interesting and new meals to make. Last week, Seth made us a new and delicious dinner of Caesar salad. Tonight, I decided to do my part and make something new as well.
Last week, I'd seen a recipe online for burrito bowls. It looked easy, healthy, and delicious, so I decided to make it.
Our version included brown rice, black beans, avocado, roasted red peppers, and low fat shredded cheese, topped with peach salsa. Seth also included sour cream.

The meal took less than ten minutes and was absolutely awesome. We'll definitely be making it again. It was a great end to a fun day of adventures all around.

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