Saturday, February 9, 2013

Down Time

Like everyone else in New England, Seth and I are currently completed snowed in from the 20 - 24" of snow that fell on Amherst last night. With this unexpected free time, I decided to tackle a project I've been working on for some time, the caplet from knit.wear that I've been knitting for my step-mother.
This was supposed to be a holiday gift, but unfortunately, there was a disaster in the finishing. I overestimated my ability to figure out how to graft the final knit piece using the tiny pictures in knit.wear and ended up with a mess. My mother assisted and now the seam looks like this. (I assure you this is a huge improvement, and my mother was a genius to get it looking this good.)
It's not perfect, but it's way better than it was. After the "grafting" I still had to pick up stitches and knit the neckband, which was what I finished today. Now the project is finished and looking as good as it will look, which is very good minus the seam.
I'm fairly safisfied. The caplet warm and can keep her cozy at home. My step-mother, being a very cool lady, is very excited about this gift regardless of its less than perfect nature.
Also, in my down time, I took the opportunity to check the Tough Mudder website to see if there was any update about the location for the Boston event. There was. Apparently, the event is getting held at Gunstock Mountain in New Hampshire, a three hour ride away.
This was super disappointing. I mean, what a drive; I was hoping they would settle on something in Western Massachusetts, as the internet rumors has proposed. Another thing I noticed was that the date had changed from May 11 and 12 to June 2 and 3. Woah! But then there was good news -- because of the date change, they were offering people the opportunity to transfer to any other Mudder free of charge.
I checked the website and noticed that there is a New England Tough Mudder scheduled for August 10 and 11 at Mount Snow in Vermont, only a 90 minute drive away.
While it would be a bummer to have to wait until August to do the Mudder, I want to transfer my registration. Going to the New England Mudder would mean a total of three hours travel time instead of six, which is much more manageable.
While I was excited for the May weather for Boston for the running part of the Mudder, I had thought that it might be very cold considering the cold water elements. In August, this aspect of the Mudder, which I am most fearful of, should be much easier because of the hot weather.
I'm hoping to change my registration tomorrow after checking with my teammate and getting her okay. I'm disappointed to have to wait and delay, but I think it will make the best sense.
In the meantime, I have another event to look forward to, Fitathon. Yesterday, my very nice boss e-mailed me a Groupon for this event. It's a 5K obstacle race, which is taking place on April 13 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut, about a 90 minute drive away.
I decided right away to sign up. I've been wanted to have a smaller and shorter obstacle course under my belt before the Tough Mudder to give me an idea of what I might expect. This is going to be a great first try. The obstacles look to be somewhat similar (thought easier) than those for Tough Mudder and pretty much water free.
Looking at the sample map of the 5K course some obstacles listed are:
Tire flip
Tunnel crawl
Chain pull
Cargo net
Blance beams
I'm very excited for this. I will keep up the current level of training I'm doing now (Insanity / Asylum 1 / Asylum 2 and moderate runs 3 - 6 miles) to stay fit for this course. If I end up doing the New England Tough Mudder in early August, I'll begin serious training with longer distance running in late May. In the meantime, I'll look forward to this closer event.

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