Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things that are New

Seth and I like to eat most of our meals at home. This is both cost effective and, as an added bonus, good for our health. We make simple food and last night decided to try something new. Caesar salad for dinner.
The salad was so good I would call is Augustus (because let's be honest, he was the coolest of the Caesars). I eat salad for lunch every day, but it was great to have a protein packed salad for dinner, as my lunch salads tend more towards just fruits and vegetables. Our caesar salad had mixed greens, grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and a sprinkling of cheese. We served it with a tasty bread. Yum!
After eating the healthy dinner, Seth celebrated by having a fun cup of cocoa with some truly alarmingly colored marshmellows.
This salad came on the heels of a great weekend with friends. I went out to eastern Massachusetts on Saturday to visit with two of my best friends, one of whom wanted to get her ears pierced for the first time. I decided to join her in support and got third holes.
I'd never thought about having a third set of earrings before my friend mentioned she wanted to get her ears done, but I love how they've come out. (The picture does not really give you the best idea; mainly because it's quite hard to take a picture of your ear. You can get the general gist though.) I don't plan to swap out the earrings in my third holes very often, so I got a set of 3 mm 14 carat white gold posts that I'll be happy to keep in forever.
I hadn't gotten my ears pierced in a decade and a half. I forgot how tender they are for the first few days. I could not, for example, sleep on my side for a couple of nights because it hurt my ear too much. The ears also need quite a lot of care -- cleaning and rotating three times a day for six weeks. Fortunately by today, three days after the piercing, my ears are starting to feel quite fine and the cleanings are going easily.
The final new thing is the arrival of the Trigger Point Grid foam roller I had ordered off Amazon.
Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that I've had a lot of tightness in my outer hips. Following the completion of my Asylum 2 program, I've been cutting back on my exercise a little bit in order to give myself some rest before I start training for the Tough Mudder in three weeks.
In conjunction with some rest days and some days of easier exercise, I decided some foam roller work might be a good idea. I've been using the roller in conjunction with the Foam Roller Techniques app I downloaded for my iOS devices.
The app had been pretty helpful with videos and exercises to target different muscles based different activities you might take part in (like running for example) or areas of discomfort. I've been doing a set of exercises for the IT band, which is I think where I'm having my main problems.
When I did the foam roller exercises for the first time yesterday I was definitely in discomfort when rolling my "injured" areas. I definitely felt better after doing it though and am hoping that some rest, careful exercise, and good foam rolling and stretching will have me feeling in top form by the time I want to start my training in mid-February.

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