Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Fun

January has been a very excellent month! While I really don't like the winter, I love January because during this month I work all normal 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. hours and get to spend a lot of time with Seth. 

Because the winter in New England is such a bummer, we've been making sure to do a bunch of fun things and to set goals to keep active. For me, that's been working on the Asylum 2 fitness program. For Seth, it's been training for a 10K and the Greater Hartford 1/4 Marathon, a 6.55 mile run we'll be doing in late March.

Last weekend, when the weather was somewhat mild (say mid-30s), Seth and I bundled up and headed out for a run. 

We don't normally exercise together, so it was great fun getting out and doing some fitness as a couple. 

Over the long (Martin Luther King Jr.) holiday weekend, we also had an exciting new experience. We decided to check out a new restaurant in town, Ginger Garden, which serves Chinese and Japanese food. When we got to the restaurant, we were excited to see a menu with authentic Chinese food featuring Szechuan and  Zhejiang cuisine. We selected one item off each menu.

The Zhejiang dish was light and flavorful with tender beef and crunchy noodles. It was delicious!

The Szechuan dish arrived in a sizzling skillet atop a still burning flame. In fact, the food was still cooking and we had to toss it somewhat frequently to prevent it sticking to the bottom. This dish was also extremely tasty and super super spicy. Pairing it with rice was a must!

It was great getting to try some different and more authentic Chinese food. I definitely think we'll be heading back to Ginger Garden to check out more of their offerings. 

I also received a very exciting gift at work this week. A couple of weeks ago, I had taken care of a co-worker's cat, a very friendly fellow named, Monty. My colleague had been at a wedding for her sister-in-law, which took place on the family's ranch in New Mexico. As a gift, she brought me this lovely Curro sheep roving, called Shepard's Lamb, from the ranch.

I haven't done a ton of knitting and spinning lately; this gift has extra inspired me to take my wheel out for a spin!

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