Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Asylum: Volume 2: Power Legs

Power Legs was in one word amazing! I absolutely loved this workout. It had my favorite sort of cardio -- jumping, and it had it in abundance.

Power Legs is a 55 minute workout and utilizes the agility ladder, resistance loop, and a hand weight. It combined the best elements of the Vertical Plyo workout from Asylum: Volume 2 with some more strength moves.

As anyone who's read this blog knows, I love to jump, and this set of exercises worked your legs with plenty of jumps. A lot of the moves were similar to what I've done before -- power jumps, squat jumps, and the like. The added difficulty here was the use of the resistance loop while doing these jumps and jacks. Doing jacks from a squat, along the agility ladder, while wearing the resistance loop is just one example of the sort of thing this workout had us doing.

Along with the jumping, we got to do more of the agility ladder drills that I learned on Sunday. I love seeing these pop-up in the various workouts. They are always a lot of fun and get me moving. They helped me shake my legs out after a lot of jumping.

While the first two-thirds of the Power Legs workout was a lot of plyo moves. The last bit was devoted to more strength training with a hand weight. There was a memorable set of moves where you used the weight as a kettle bell and combined this move with power jumps across the ladder. Awesome! Squats, deep squats, were heavily featured. The final set of exercises for the day were a five minute series of static pulses in squat, plie, and lunge position. All were done while holding a hand weight for extra measure. This was tough, especially with my legs pre-fatigued from 45 minutes of jumping and other strength work.

My legs were definitely tired after this workout and the last ten minutes were quite challenging, but I really felt strong throughout -- much strong than with the Upper Elite workout. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that my upper body is definitely my weakest part while my legs (from lots of jumping and running) are fairly strong. I also love a good cardio plyo-based workout, so Power Legs really appealed. Liking something always makes it more fun and makes one more successful. I felt like I did a good job keeping up with the people on the Asylum workout DVD today, where as yesterday I thought I needed to take a few more breaks. Today was a great day and a wonderful workout. Fun, fun, fun!

Tomorrow, I'll be tackling the Back & 6-pack workout. I'm looking forward to seeing how that one goes!

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