Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blogsy Test #1 (by: Seth!)

After the... marginal success of last night, I, Seth, am here to give this Blogsy app another try! We're going to stick to mostly text with this one, because I want to gauge how well the app handles all of Nicole's various blogging media.

So, text... well, I think that Nicole is planning on a blog post about her recent (read: today's) trip to the Rock Wall at the Smith gym. She enjoyed it a lot, and she said that I should go with her... which isn't going to happen (height phobia, after all...).

But I'm sure she'll fill you all in on that a bit later. For now, let's try something like a numbered list to see how Blogsy handles that:

2. This is also a list, but slightly longer.1. This is a list.

3. Third time's the charm, and third list's the charm too!

Okay, now that we've done text, and a list, let's get really crazy-- a picture! This is where Nicole started having problems last night, so wish me luck...



This is a recent picture of our lovely daughter-cat, Lily!


Phew! Positioning pictures with Blogsy is a bit of a chore... but I think I finally got it (only took me a couple of minutes! heh).

Okay, well, I think I've said enough here. Let's publish this and see what we get. You'll be hearing from Nicole again soon; until then, enjoy the new blog design (made by yours truly!).



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