Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day Weekend

This weekend was Columbus Day weekend. While Seth and I don't usually get Monday off from work, we had both taken the day because  there had been a planed trip to Maine with Seth's parents. Unfortunately, the trip got postponed, however, we decided to keep the three day weekend. We made the most of it and had a weekend of family fun!

This Friday is my mother's birthday. As I am working all next weekend, Seth and I took the opportunity to travel down to Connecticut this weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday. Seth brought down some amazing doughnuts from Atkins -- I have a humongous glazed red velvet one (basically as my lunch). 

Mom, Greg, Seth, and I decided to make a trip up to Clinton Crossing to do some outlet shopping in the afternoon. They have a Nike store there, and I wanted to see if I could snag some running tights for cheap, like I did with the fall/winter running tops I found. 

Success! I found two pair of tights, which Mom very generously got me as an early holiday gift. (Thanks, Mom!)

The first pair of tights I got were a set of dri-fit women's tights. They are perfect for the weather right now. In fact, today, when I went out for my run, it was 43 degrees out, and I got to run in my new tights. They were perfect for the chilly and damp fall day. My legs felt very comfortable. The tights were warm enough at the start of the run (when I was cold) but breathed well enough so that I wasn't too hot towards the end of my run (by which time I had heated up). Perfect!

I also got a pair of Nike Element Thermal Running Pants. I'm hoping to use these pants in the slightly colder temperatures. They are less snug than the tights, so I could even layer the tights with the thermal pants in really cold weather.

While this was not at Clinton Crossing, I made my final athletic-wear purchase of the year with a pair of Nike Livestrong Pacer Shorts, on clearance at Dick's Sporting Goods. I wanted to have a pair of shorts as an option to pull over my tights in case I go running with others and want more modestly. The shorts can also be used on their own at the gym (or outside during the summer).

We continued the celebrating for Mom's birthday with a quick snack at FroyoWorld on our way back from Clinton. We then finished up the day at home in Bethany with a home-cooked meal. Knowing the crazy work schedule I have this week, Mom sent us home with tons of food: half a roast, over a dozen eggplant rollatini, and a container of beef stew. We are well appointed for this week. 

Sunday, we had another fun family day, this time with Seth's family. We wanted to do something fun and special to take the place of our intended vacation. One fall tradition that Seth and I love is going to Mike's Maze, a large corn maze in Sunderland, near where we used to live. We decided that this would be something fun to do with Seth's parents. 

We had a great time at the maze!  

I navigated us through using the small map we were given. The goal was to find numbered stations throughout the maze (marked on the map) and then answer questions on each. This year's maze was agricultural themed, and the questions were in keeping with that theme.

This was the most successful year yet -- we didn't get lost once as we made our way from station to station. 

At the end of the maze, as a prize for completing the game, we each got a little gourd.

Following the trip through the maze, we noticed that a man was giving horse-drawn carriage rides. We took advantage. The two lovely gentlemen horses that pulled us were George and Charlie, two Belgians. The horses weighed over 1,000 pounds.

The carriage ride was lovely and took us back behind the far side of the maze along the Connecticut river. It was a fun time! 

After the maze, we headed back to Seth's parents' house for a nice dinner and some visiting. All in all, a lovely weekend -- it was great getting to visit all the family!

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