Sunday, September 2, 2012

3 County Fair

Today, Seth and I made an impromptu trip to Northampton fair grounds for the 195th Labor Day weekend 3 County Fair.

The fair is a moderate size fair, about the same size as the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield but much smaller than, say, New York State Sheep and Wool in Rhinebeck.

There were a number of exhibition halls that featured classical farming implements and lots of tractors. There were exhibits about crafts and displays with art and produce that won ribbons at the fair.

The fair featured a lovely assortment of barnyard animals. 

(Baby cows, one month old.)

(Young pigs. There was also a sow with a liter of around eight piglets.)

(Awesome looking rooster. There were also hens with so many feathers on their feet they reminded me of the cat's fuzzy paws!)

In addition, they had loads of rabbits of all varieties, most of which were for sale. This gentleman bunny had extra giant lop ears.

After seeing the animals and exhibition halls, which totaled a little over half a dozen, we headed towards the midway. There was some monster truck racing going on. We watched for a second, but you had to pay for seats (and it was hard to see from outside the arena), plus it was very loud. 

Seth loves carnival rides. He took a ride on his favorite, the Polar Express. I watched instead of risking motion sickness by participating.

After, we engaged in the fair tradition of eating super delicious, super terrible for you fried foods. 

Fairs only come once a year, so we indulged. I know that fried dough is basically the worst food for you, but it is so delicious. I enjoyed every bite!

 We had a great first time visiting the 3 County Fair. The fair was small but we had a lot of fun -- worth the price of admission.

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