Monday, August 13, 2012

Staycation Day 1: Puffer's Pond

It's here -- vacation week! Seth and I are off all week and, in an effort to save money, are staycationing this year in Amherst.

We kicked off our staycation with the Bridge of Flowers on Saturday, and we have fun plans for every day this week.

For today (Monday) we traveled ten minutes down the road to Puffer's Pond, a local recreation area in North Amherst. This would be our first visit.

The weather was absolutely perfect -- just around 80 with low humidity and a few clouds. This made it a great day for swimming.

The more I live in Amherst and discover all the town has to offer the more I love it! I seriously cannot imagine wanting to live anywhere else. It is no surprise to me that Amherst was named the number one college town in America by MSN.

The town is beautiful with a well-appointed downtown featuring lots of unique local restaurants and businesses. We have the benefit of being in a community with five well-regarded colleges in the area. These colleges bring business to the town and provide easy access to affordable entertainment. We have the get to enjoy living in a small town while having access to things that people get in much larger cities. 

Puffer's Pond is a great example of the small town benefits of living in Amherst. The "beach" at Puffer's Pond was clean and not too crowded. To get into the water, you have to go down a bit of a drop-off, but this was well marked. The town maintains the water and conservation/recreation area nicely -- they just tested the water quality earlier this summer and are trying to determine a long-term plan for the pond.

Seth and I swam around for a while (an hour for me; 90 minutes for Seth). I found the water a bit cold, which may have been due to all the recent rain. We definitely had a great time and want to go back in the future. 

Being that Puffer's Pond is just in town, I am sure we'll be seeing a lot more of it!

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