Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun Summer Weekend

This weekend was quite the fun one! On Saturday, I traveled down to my family home in rural South Central Connecticut. My Uncle Moe and Aunt Judi were visiting from Pennsylvania.

Mom, Uncle Moe, Aunt Judi, and I spent a fun-filled day in nearby New Haven. (Greg bowed out, as he needed to go to the gym to keep up his fitness. He's in the final processes for getting a job with a local police department and wants to keep his cardio up in case he gets the job and ends up going to the police academy.)

In New Haven, we had a delicious Thai lunch. I had a watermelon bubble tea. I swear watermelon is the best flavor for pretty much everything, but this Thai place in New Haven is the only one I knew that had it as a flavor for bubble tea. (LimeRed Teahouse in Amherst take note. P.S. Either way, you're still my favorite bubble tea place ever!)

After lunch, we headed over to Yale's Center for British Art. I will admit, as much as I love all performing and written art, I am not much of an appreciator of visual art. I lack the proper education. That being said, I still found the British art to be, shall we say, not the most exciting. It was mostly landscapes and portraits.

There was an additional exhibit of early Tudor period panel paintings that was very enjoyable. There was explanation of the tools and technology they use for examining early paintings. Very interesting.

After the New Haven trip, we had a lovely dinner. My Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Jimmy as well as my Aunt Betty joined us. It was wonderful to see so many people!

This weekend, I also made an exciting decision. I registered for a half marathon! 

Using the Hal Higdon training program and Jeff Galloway's training technique, I have successfully made it up to a nine mile run. I am on tracking to be ready to run a half marathon in a few weeks.

There was one race that worked with my scheduled availability and was close enough for me to drive to it the day of. I signed up for the Hogs Back Half Marathon in Colebrook, Connecticut on Saturday, September 22.

The race is sponsored by the Hartford Track Club. It seems to be small race of around 150 to 200 people. I think that this will be nice for a first race -- I shouldn't be too overwhelmed. The course is relatively flat with some rolling hills. (The only thing that I think will be a challenge is the fact that there is a bit of a hill for the last half mile. I might have to walk it; we'll see.)

I had really wanted to do the Hartford Half Marathon. It's a bigger race and seems very exciting and popular. I had thought it would be great fun and very motivating to have a bigger race for my first half. Plus, Hartford is even closer to us than Colebrook. Unfortunately, the race was the weekend of October 13, and I have to work all that weekend. Maybe next year.

On the plus side, the Hogs Back Half will definitely not intimidate, the way the larger Hartford race might. I can go my own pace and not worry about feeling rushed because there are a lot of people. Also, the date of the Colebrook race is perfect -- it's only a week past when I will finish with my training program. I'll just extend my training program an extra week and do one more long run, which I think will help my confidence.

I am very nervous but also super excited. Doing a half marathon has definitely been on my fitness bucket list.

I'm also registered another 10K this season in November, the Cider Donut Run. The race is in Amherst and benefits the local survival center. The course looks really great. It goes right through UMass.

I've really been enjoying my running lately. It took a little while to get into it, but now I know what everyone is talking about.

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