Monday, March 19, 2012

More Birthday Fun

This past weekend, I engaged in more birthday fun! On Saturday, Dad and Lisa came to visit for lunch. They got me awesome exercise clothing. I have, for some time, been wanting to get me a running skirt. I love having my legs free but I don't like shorts. Hence an exercise skirt is a perfect option. They got me a cute skirt, top, and sports bra. Below I have poor quality pictures that I took of myself modeling the skirt with the full top option. (I didn't post the skirt with sports bra option as I wouldn't want to shock family, friends, and/or colleagues with an over abundance of skin.)


I'll exercise with the shirt when at the gym and in just the sports bra at home. The latter is my workout preference, as it allows my sweaty self to have less clothing sticking to me, but shirts are required at pretty much every gym. Something I have always found interesting since people wear way less at the beach and that's okay. 

Yesterday, for my actual birthday, Seth and I have a fun-filled day. He went to the market in the morning and came back with a surprise: a giant novelty cookie. Message included.

After lunch and some cookie snacking, we headed into Northampton to visit the Northampton Running Company. Every since starting to run, Seth has been experiencing discomfort in his shins. He has been running in cross-trainer trail shoes and wanted to go to an official running store to have them analyze his stride and get him some shoes that would be ideal for him. This is especially important as he prontates, meaning his foot leans in when he walks. At the store, the very helpful sales person recognized this immediately and recommended a very supportive shoe that would support his feet, help with the pronation, and offer him more cushion on the ball of his foot to reduce shin pain.

While there, I picked up a new sports bra.

While I usually exercise in a compression bra, I wanted something ultra supportive for some of my more high impact Asylum workouts, such as Vertical Plyo. More supportive bras feature cup and band size like standard bras and can fit much better to help with less movement in high impact activities like running and jumping.

After the running store, we browsed Northampton a little bit enjoying the nice weather before heading off to dinner at Ibiza Tapas. I have taken quite a shine to tapas. I feel each one is an adventure, and I love the chance to try so many things! We had a half dozen great dishes, and I had some lovely white wine. A super fun time.

All in all it was a great birthday. I loved the two weekend celebration with Mom last weekend and Dad, Lisa, and Seth this weekend. Now I just have to recover from all that cake and food!

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