Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Things are Proceeding in the Asylum

I am now twenty days into the thirty day Asylum program and thought that I might provide a brief update. Yesterday, I did the final workout that I had -- Overtime. The Overtime workout is a fifteen minute workout that you tack onto the end of the hour long Game Day workout -- basically a supplementary workout. I have to report with all honesty that my level of success with Overtime was low in this first effort. The hour-long Game Day workout is intense, and I was exhausted at the end. Doing an extra fifteen minutes with Overtime seemed to me, a person who loves a crazy workout, the height of insanity (but I guess that's the point). All the moves in Overtime were very difficult. I made my best effort, but it was too much to do more jumping and deep resistance training moves when my muscles were so fatigued. I think that I might try this workout again (after a brief warm up because the workout assumes you're warmed up) when I am a bit fresher to really get down the form.

Overall, I feel I am progressing with the Asylum. Everything is still killer hard, but I feel I am able to do more reps of each move. Since the Asylum is only 30 days, it might be helpful to do this program again to have better mastery. Not right away though. After I finish, I plan to take it a little bit easier for a while and allow myself some time for outdoor activity after work, like a light jog before dinner.

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