Friday, March 9, 2012

Asylum Workout: Days Three - Five

For workout three, I woke up early and exercised before work. I knew I might have to stay late at the office for a conference call and wanted to make sure I didn't miss a workout. The third workout was called Back to Core. It featured many slow and controlled movements that worked the entire core region, especially the upper back. I found it to be moderately difficult, especially the static movements in which you had to hold positions for thirty seconds. (Which seems very long, not very short when you're in a difficult strength training move.) The workout, for the first time, incorporated the resistance bands (one green and one red) that came with the program. The day after, I actually found that while my lower abs were a little sore, my shoulders were very sore. All those movements of the arms and holds to work the upper back seemed to create some tension in my shoulders. I'll have to take note next time.

For day four, I took a rest day as I had a busy day otherwise. I had to get to work at seven to help coordinate some calling we were doing to China (where it was eight at night). After work, we had fun plans. Seth and I went out to dinner with Maddy and Dave. We went to the Lumber Yard, a new restaurant in Amherst. The food was awesome. Seth and I shared some hush puppies for an appetizer while Maddy had a chicken pastry and Dave has salad. For dinner Seth and Maddy had hamburgers, which looked quite deluxe. Dave had meatloaf and potatoes. I had an amazing mac and cheese. It had a great breadcrumb topping and was super rich! All these excitements led to no time for exercise.

Today, I did the fifth day of the program and fourth exercise, Vertical Plyo. This was without a doubt the most difficult workout I have ever done. It was forty minutes of non-stop jumping. And not just easy jumping, high jumping. The workout incorporated the ladder and bands (which were optional but which I used). It also gave the option of using the jump rope, which I did not use for space reasons again. The workout, while super challenging was amazing! Definitely my favorite of the bunch. It required precision jumping using the ladder -- you had to jump and land in the boxes cleanly. It required power jumps and tuck jumps with the bands around your legs for resistance. It also had you do some huge jumps in which you jumped the length of the six foot ladder. It was absolutely crazy. I forgot to put my heart rate monitor on, and I really regret this, as my heart rate must have been super high. I felt so accomplished when I successfully finished the workout.

Over the next two days, I will be repeating some of the workouts from earlier in the week, Speed and Agility tomorrow and Strength on Sunday. Hopefully I'll see improvement!

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