Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Asylum Workout: Day Two

Today I woke up and was not in the mood for exercise. In a way, this was a moot point. To me, exercising is like going to work; something I do regularly without question. It doesn't matter if I am "in the mood" or not. I checked the schedule for my workout to see if it would excite me. The schedule called for the Strength workout. Oh, no. I don't like strength training. I only do it because I know it's important to cross train, and I probably don't do it nearly as much as I should.

I needed something to excite me. I decided to give myself a treat my wearing my new Nike Frees. I hadn't worn them yet, so they were clean and could be worn in the house. Immediately I felt much better. I was ready to work hard enough to be deserving of the shoes I had purchased myself.

It turns out I loved the Strength workout! It was the best resistance training workout I had ever done, no question. You can do the workout with either hand weights or a resistance band. I alternated between a set of five pound hand weights and a twenty pound (red) resistance band depending on which tool worked better for each exercise and which tool challenged me at the appropriate level. At some points the hand weights were too easy; at some points they were ideal.

As with Insanity, there as a lot of chest work. I was really pleased with my performance. All those push-ups in Insanity have really paid off. I was able to do many full plank push-ups today. It was really pleasing to feel that I had increased my strength in an area that has always (and continued to be) a challenge for me.

The workout incorporated enough movement to make it cardio, which was also pleasing. There was a little bit of plyo jumping in some of the exercises, which I always like and appreciate. I hadn't though to wear my heart monitor because it was a strength training class, and now I wish I kind of had for comparison. (During yesterday's workout, my heart rate got into the mid 180s and averaged in the high 150s.)

I am not re-energized and ready to try tomorrow's workout. I hope it is as much a success. Of course, I could be entirely sore by tomorrow and hardly able to move. We'll have to see...

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