Monday, March 5, 2012

Asylum Workout: Day One

Today, I did the first workout, Speed & Agility in the Asylum. It was 45 difficult minutes.

The workout began with a ten minute warm up done with a speed rope (aka. a jump rope). Because this was my first time through, I did the warm up without the speed rope, which the workout gives as an option. I am not sure if I will ever integrate the speed rope just because the rope that came with workout is hugely long! It's way too big for me and also too large for my space. I might try wrapping it around my hands and integrating it into my workout as I get more comfortable.

Everything was based off of the agility ladder that I was first introduced to in the fit test last week. The moves, as with the fit test, required intense precision. For many moves on either had to jump and land cleanly inside the ladder. Jumping in the boxes was done often standing or in a plank position. For some of the moves, they show you multiple levels, one through three with three being the most difficult. I am not sure that I will be able to move up to level three drills, which require you to jump the farthest from rung to rung in the ladder. This is just a matter of my height. I am not quite that tall!

As with the fit test, I found some of the moves a bit difficult to get used to. I think that this is because I have never done a workout with any equipment like the agility ladder before. After a week, I hope I am more used to it, as I again has to "waste" some time getting used to how to do the moves. Unlike in Insanity, Shawn T, the instructor, spends no time preparing you by showing you more difficult moves -- he just goes immediately into the workout. 

Another difficulty I had was that of space. I exercise in a relatively small space in my living room. The agility ladder is rather long at around six feet and finding space on all sides of it to do my workout was kind of challenging. I found I had to move the ladder around quickly between workouts so that I had enough room to move. Again, I think this is something I'll get used to. 

I am excited to try all of these new workouts and really get into the program. I think that after trying all the workouts once and going through them a second time, I will be able to perform much better. It's always a good challenge to use new equipment and try new things. I am excited to see what the next 29 days of this 30 day program bring!

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