Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updates on Disparate Topics

Two exciting things have happened this week: 1. I started the first week of the second month of the Insanity workout. 2. I finished Maddy's blanket and began the one for my soon-to-be new nephew.

The Insanity workout, month two, begins with three new workouts that will serve as the main workouts for the month. In contrast with the month one workouts which were about 40 minutes each, these are all an hour. I began on Monday with the first of the new workouts, Max Interval Circuits. Like with the Plyometric Cardio Circuits workout from month one, this workout features three minutes of intense exercise followed by a thirty second rest. You do each circuit three times and there are three sets of each different circuit (for a total of nine). This is in addition to the warm up, which is harder than month one and introduces some of the main exercises from previous DVDs as warm up exercises.

I actually felt quite good about my performance with the Max Interval Circuits workout. While it was harder than the month one Plyometric Cardio Circuits, I felt I was doing quite well. I was empowered! That is until I awakened on Tuesday with every muscles in my legs hurting.

I pressed on and did the Max Interval Plyo workout on Tuesday. This really worked my upper-body and was significantly harder than the month one workout Cardio Power and Resistance. There was lots of high impact work done on the floor. That's right -- you can jump around and still be supporting your upper body. There was also a lot of resistance work using the weight of your body. I learned about new moves, such as side push ups, which basically turned out to be the hardest things ever. I "dug deep" and gave it my best and pulled through. Now my upper body hurt enough to match the lower body.

Today, I got to see the last of the new workouts (excluding the new "recovery day" workout, which I'll see tomorrow), Max Cardio Conditioning. This workout is an endurance workout similar to Pure Cardio in month one. In Pure Cardio, you do intense cardio/plyo work without stopping for a little over 15 minutes basically all at the same intensity -- for me this was the easiest workout from month one because it involved less resistance training. In Max Cardio Conditioning, you do around 30 minutes of non-stop endurance training cardio. Unlike month one, there are brief bits where you do easier exercises so that you aren't completely pounding yourself for thirty minutes. It's do-able but hard. For me the parts that were more just cardio based went well. There are more resistance moves than in the analogous month one workout which is where I was really challenged. Again, I pulled through. Now I am sore everywhere! Thank goodness tomorrow is a recovery day.

I am interested to see my results as things progress. I definitely think I toned my upper body a bit in the first month of Insanity. I can definitely do more push-ups than before. I feel like my glutes are more toned as well.  I don't think I have really lost weight or inches on the waist. That being said, before this workout I was rather fit to begin with and the first month, while challenging was probably not as difficult for me as some others. Since month two is such a challenge, I think that if I do see results, it will be in the next three weeks or so. I will report out!

After finishing Insanity, I plan to take a break for a week or two. Then I will tackle the Insanity: The Asylum workout. After that, I might take a rest and just go back to doing normal exercise at work during my lunch hour for a while.

In other non-exercise news, I finished Maddy's blanket! I can't wait to give it to her.

I also started work on the new baby blanket in a lovely ice blue to match the nursery. 

I absolutely adore the pattern -- it's so lovely!

It's coming along quite quickly for a blanket knit on US 9 needles. I am very excited. and enjoying it greatly. After this, I think I will be moving on to a project with some exciting cabling.

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