Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy Times

It's been a busy week and the busy schedule is certain to be maintained for at least this next week. That being said, I have been making time for my exercise. I have now completed three quarters of the Insanity workout and only have two weeks left. I definitely think that my cardio and upper body strength are improving. The exercises, while still difficult, are getting more manageable. Finishing this workout program will definitely be a nice accomplishment.

I am starting to think of my post-Insanity and Insanity: The Asylum, to be done next, workout challenges. Because it will be mid- April around the time I finish with Asylum, I am thinking my next challenge might be running based, as the nicer weather would allow for outdoor running. I'll have to see what  feel like in a couple month's time.

Seth's good friend, Patrick, came to visit this weekend. During his visit, he did a super awesome thing and purchased the two new Star Trek Deck Building card games. The first is The Next Generation Edition. The second is The Next Generation -- Next Phase Edition. You can play both games either on their own or in combination. Both have three different play modes: exploration, cooperative versus the Borg, or player versus player (which is Kingon Civil War for the first edition and the Romulan Unification for the Next Phase Edition). 

Some research that Patrick did online indicated that the Next Phase Edition was a bit of a better balanced game. We decided to play!

Seth and I both really like cooperative games. (For example, like Star Trek Expeditions.) We decided to play cooperative the three of us against the Borg. To be honest, for the first game, this probably a bad idea. For the other modes of the game (exploration and player versus player) we would have at least been playing against each other, all equally bad first time players. Playing again the game (i.e. The Borg), was playing against a set system that was fairly good. Needless to say, we were assimilated in short order.

That being said, I could see how the strategy of the game would work once we were more experienced players who knew more about the rules and how to play. The goal of the game really seems to be to use the system to build an excellent deck. Doing that seems to almost certainly guarantee success. This, at least, is my thinking after only playing once. It was a lot of fun -- I'd love to play again. Hopefully, Patrick brings the game when he comes to visit next.

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