Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Tuesday

I just returned from an impromptu trip to Connecticut to visit my mother following a basic operation. Good news: she's doing very well. She feels fine, is not too tired, and has no pain. The operation went well on Monday, but I am glad that I was able to see her Monday evening and today to make sure she was alright.

While down visiting Mom, I also got to go for a hike with Greg and Demo at the land trust in Woodbridge that we went to over the holidays.

Demo had a great time. When he finally got home, he was all tired out.

After slightly less than twenty-four hours in Bethany, I headed back to Amherst. I needed to complete my daily exercise. I am mid-way through week three of the Insanity workout. Things are going well. I am still experiencing a little bit of soreness, but nothing bad. I really feel like my cardio has been improving. Taking the fit test that is included with the program at the start of this week yielded improvements. 

I did go ahead and order a plyometrics mat to help me with my workouts, as my calves and feet have been somewhat tender from all the high impact activities I have been doing. After much research, I selected the Manduka BlackMatPRO. It is recommended by Beachbody for their plyo exercises. I ended up ordering it off of Amazon so that I could avail myself of free shipping and the use of my credit card points. The mat should offer extra shock absorption, which will be extra helpful for me, since I like to exercise barefoot. I anticipate its arrival in the mail in the next day and will certainly report on my experiences with it.

As per usual, Lily was happy to see me when I arrived home. She spent the evening snuggling with me on the couch.

When Lily wasn't sitting on my lap, I was able to get some work done on the blanket I am making for Maddy. As you can see, it's coming along quite well. I have only five skeins of the yarn left and should be finished with it at the end of the month.

Following the completion of Maddy's blanket, I will begin working on a baby blanket for my sister-in-law and her husband who are having a baby in about five months. I have picked out a superwash yarn and pattern for the project and just need to learn what color they would like. Can't wait!

p.s. I have become slightly obsessed with Pinterest. You can find me on Pinterest here. (E-mail me if you want an invite.)

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