Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the Gym, Workin' on Her Fitness

As part of my master plan (!), I have been focusing a lot of my time and energy on wellness and fitness. At the present, this is divided into a few parts. Here are the updates from last time:
1. Exercise more.
Specifically with TurboFire at this point. I am currently six weeks in, so half way. I definitely have increased cardio indurance. I also am getting a bit more toned. I notice changes in my shoulders and in my core specifically. My legs seem unchanged, but I think TurboFire works them much less than it works my arms. I might branch out to more Beachbody workouts later.
2. Eat well.
Seth decided last week to start a lifestyle diet where he tracks everything in a food diary. I am doing this as well with an app for my iPhone, MyNetDiary. Great success! I have lost two pounds since we started a week and a half ago. I am also drinking, Shakeology, a very nutritionally rich drink from Beachbody. (Yes, I got a Beachbody membership so I can save 10%. If you're interested, you can visit my coach's website here. (She's my aerobics instructor at work, hence why she's my hook up.) I'll keep the membership as long as I am enjoying the Beachbody products, as I save more with the membership than I spend on it.
3. Keep zen.
This means being more relaxed about work and my crazy schedule in general. Staying calm and relaxed and not getting stressed. I attempt to mitigate my emotions (and not was time getting upset) as much as possible. Exercising more and eating well as areas of focus help me with this. Seth is a huge help here! I am also trying to spend my free time doing enjoyable things. Doing this allows me to look forward to upcoming events and keep focused when things are not so premium in other areas. Mind over matter!

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