Thursday, September 15, 2011


On Tuesday night, Seth and I went out with our friend, Beth, to celebrate her passing of her exam to become a registered dietitian. We met in Northampton and decided to try a new restaurant, Ibiza Tapas. In addition to serving tapas, the restaurant also has a wine bar and (what seems to me to be) an excellent wine selection.

Seth and I had both never had tapas before, and I have to say that eating them out is a lot of fun. Tapas are little plates -- basically you have a meal that like eating all small appetizers. We all shared which allowed us to try a whole bunch of new things. We ordered in three rounds, just holding on to the menu, and deciding if we were still hungry and what suited our fancy next. We had, in random order:
Quesos: A plate with some bread, three cheeses and quince paste. (I tried them individually and in combination.)
Pan con Tomate: Basically bruschetta.
Albondigas: Pork and veal meatballs in a delicious broth that we then scooped up with some complimentary house bread.
Constillitas de Cerdo: Baby back ribs. They came very tender and falling off the bone, drizzled with a mayo-mustard
Paquetitos de Codillo de Cerdo: Crispy pork raviolis. Totally interesting -- one of my favorites.
Ensalada Moderna: This salad of watercress was a must try because the menu said it had grilled watermelon. In fact, grilled watermelon seems to be just the same as the normal stuff.
Queso Nevat con Higos y Nueces: This was my favorite thing we tried! Goat cheese with fig and walnut on crispy bread. So delicious!
Croquetas de Txangurro: Crab meat (fried into a ball) with avocado.
Pimientos del Piquillos: Peppers stuffed with oxtail. Very interesting. Oxtail basically tastes like you would think -- kind of like beef.

Seth and Beth also tried tacos that were made by the chef, who was Mexican and lived largely in Spain. We also got quesadillas with mushrooms. There was a complimentary item as well, a croquette of what seemed like fried guacamole. For desert, we had croquetas de chocolate, chocolate croquettes on spoons covered in coconut and with whipped cream, and churros, a relative of fried dough in stick form rolled in sugar and cinnamon.

A super fun time was had by all. I would definitely go back again for a special night out.

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