Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star Trek Fleet Captains

Based on our complete love of the last Wizkids Star Trek game, Seth and I picked up the newest one, Fleet Captains.

As always, super organized on the inside -- love it!

The rules are kind of complex the first go around, but they are also, in a way, intuitive. We played a quick run through, as time allowed, and I found it most enjoyable. It was like being inside an episode of Trek. (Plus, I got the Voyager as one of my ships!)

More to come about the game -- I will try to do a complete review when we play through completely and fully understand the rules.


Rob said...

Did you ever complete the game or post your insights?

Nicole Sibley said...

Sadly, I did not end up doing a second post. We did play the game a few times and definitely found it fun. I would say I prefer Star Trek Expeditions. It's a bit easier to set up and you can plan with more than two people.