Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

It's the last weekend of summer, unofficially, and Seth and I have spent a lovely weekend with family.

We started the weekend with a trip to Connecticut.

While, Irene did cause them to have their power out for the better part of a week, there was no damage. As you can see, the house is looking quite fine.

There were some downed trees, but the roads are now clear. Seth and I went for a long walk and got to survey the clean up. Looking good.

My little nephew dog, Demo, is getting so big. He's almost thirty pounds already!

He is so well behaved and about the cutest thing that has ever existed.

Naturally, he loves his Daddy. Like Dozer, he thinks he's a lap dog. I imagine myself being crushed beneath his massive full-grown dog weight in a year.

Mom had a lovely picnic dinner. Aunt Geraldine, Uncle Jimmy, and John came. Lovely fun. Demo got to play with his best friend dog, Sophie. They are quite the pair!

Sunday, we traveled to Greenfield to visit with Seth's parents, plus his siblings, nephews, and niece. I wish I had brought my camera (but it ran out of batteries): they did a lovely job redoing their kitchen. The cabinets are painted and they have a new fridge and dishwasher (new range to come). They also did some lovely landscaping out front.

Today, Seth and I are looking forward to lunch with Dad and Lisa in Northampton. Fun times all around.

Next weekend, Seth and I are heading out to the Berkshires for a friend's (camp-out) wedding. One last hurrah before the Phonathon season starts and my personal life activities become reduced.

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