Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alani's Wedding

Yesterday, Seth and I traveled to New Lebanon, New York, right over the state line from Massachusetts in the Berkshires to Alani's wedding at The Abode. The Abode is a spiritual retreat location with camp-style accommodations in a lovely location. Very rustic and woodsy.

The weather was perfect. The ceremony took place at a clearing in the woods, the location of a sanctuary that had burned down. The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful and incorporated many spiritual traditions.

Surrounding the ceremony site there were many spiritual locations and other locations of interest to visit. 

One particularly amazing feature was this bridge to nowhere.

The bridge provided breathtaking views of the mountains and valley below.

There was also a maze, probably used for contemplative walking (at least that's my guess).

The main portion of the reception took place at the main mess hall style building for dining with the adjacent building being where food was served buffet style. Both building were decorated very nicely for the wedding. I am sure a great deal of work went into putting the day together. Dinner and dessert were delicious!

Following dinner and time for chatting (with Molly and Clela, especially -- I need to visit them more!), we walked along a lit path through the woods to the dancing tent.

A very fun time was had by all. I am glad that the weather turned out so lovely for Alani's wedding at the Abode in the Berkshires.

P.S. Some updates:
1. Good news! We heard back from the town inspector and the Town of Amherst does not require you to encase in sheetrock a PL Vent pipe that goes through a living area! When the stove is installed on October 7th, the individuals who do the install from the Farmers Supply will paint the pipe white in the bedroom so it blends in with the walls. We are going to be installing in the corner by the slider -- a perfect location for the heat to easily flow through the house. The pellets should be delivered a couple of weeks before the installation. I have to send one form to the condo property manager for the board and otherwise we're all set for the install in early October.

2. After a two week break due to some shoulder troubles, I am back into TurboFire! Because of the long break, I restarted the program, which I was only about a week and a half into. I have just finished week two and am going strong. So far no discernible changes (i.e. I haven't lost weight), but I am really enjoying the program. Cardio-kickboxing is my favorite exercise, and the instructor is very motivating -- especially helpful for those longer workouts!

3. Super exciting! This year for my winter holiday gift, Seth is taking me to see La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera in New York! This is my first time going to the Met, although we have seen Met operas  presented at our local movie theatre. I am certain that being there is person will be vastly different in a good way. We're going the Friday before Thanksgiving, November 18 and will be spending the night at the Broadway Hostel again (because it's only $100, and you really cannot beat that). Instead of driving or taking the Metro North, we're trying Megabus. The bus will take us from the mall in Hadley to New York and back for only $16 for the two of us -- can't bet that. As an extra bonus, we hope to get to visit with Clela before we have to leave the City on Saturday. I can't wait!

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