Friday, August 5, 2011


Today, I started a new workout program from Beachbody called TurboFire. As many of you know, last spring, I tried the Beachbody workout, Insanity. Insanity is basically the most intense workout you can put your body through. It's high intensity intervals with short rests -- you basically do plyometrics for forty-five minutes. While I liked Insanity, it is quite a lot of workout, and some days I just don't have that energy. I think I would have gotten great results if I was able to stick to the workout schedule, but because I like to exercise at work and Insanity was so much effort I do it a bit here and there.

TurboFire appealed to me as another workout system to try. While still quite challenging, it doesn't leave you gasping for air and as exhausted as Insanity. It is a kickboxing hybrid workout with some short intervals of higher intensity. I absolutely love kickboxing -- it's my favorite workout. A lot of kickboxing workouts have gotten a bit overdone for me, and I cannot stand Billy Blanks, the instructor of most Tae Bo (aka. cardo kickboxing) fitness movies.

TurboFire comes with ten exercise dvds and a class schedule. I am thinking that, unlike with Insanity, I might try sticking to the class schedule for a few months to see my results.

There are also four advanced dvds. My set, ordered used in like new condition off of Amazon Marketplace (for $75 -- minus my $25 gift certificate), included the advanced dvds. The set also includes the resistance band and a couple of booklets, one including dietary suggestions. I am not planning on using the diet book while using the workout dvds.

The class schedule is for twenty weeks, basically five months. I am not sure I would stick with it than long, but I certainly want to for a month or two. The workouts seem to alternate between what are called "fire" classes of varying lengths where you do mostly cardio kickboxing and then do one or two intervals of higher intensity for a minute. These classes are 30 minutes to an hours. There are some other classes around 15 to 30 minutes that are more high intensity interval classes. The intensity if up but the duration is quite short.

Today, I tried my first set of classes, the "fire" class for 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute stretch class. Because it was my first time doing these dvds, I used an option called "new to class" on the dvds. This meant that before we transitioned to each new section of workout in the overall class we'd pause and the instructor, Chalene, would breakdown the moves. This was key because the kickboxing routines are quite fast. Because of this I would say the workout overall took me an hour, but in the future it will go much more quickly of course.

As I said, kickboxing is my favorite workout, and I found TurboFire great fun. There are wonderful kickboxing combinations and the music is motivating. The instructor is good at cuing and is quite motivating. I am quite excited to continue on the class schedule tomorrow and try the next set of workouts.

I would say, for anyone considering this workout, that you should have a foundation in kickboxing and know all the common punches and kicks before doing this workout. Overall, and of course this is only judging based on one class, I would say the workout is advanced intermediate (on the scale of Insanity being very advanced and a harder Tae Bo workout being intermediate).

I'm interested to see how my results will be and if I like doing a workout at the gym at work and then doing a second one with the TurboFire dvds at home. I will keep you posted to my progress and if I keep with the program.

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