Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing for Cooler Weather

Summer is still here but all the fall planning at work has got me thinking about the cooler weather that will be coming soon.

I have started a new knitting project. (Note: I still need to finish the grey blanket but it's too huge to have draped over me in the still warm weather. The blanket is, in a word, massive.)

It's early along, but I am enjoying the pattern. I am knitting it up in cotton for a friend who is allergic to wool. I don't do a lot of work with cotton and it's interesting to play with a new fiber. It's certainly much different than what I usually use -- much stretchier.

There have also been some advanced on the pellet stove front. The board approved our installation of the pellet stove with the stipulation that we have to exhaust it through the roof. The gentleman from the Amherst Farmers Supply came yesterday to take measurements so I can get an estimate of the increased cost for labor and parts. It should be between $600 - $800 more.

Our original plan was to install the stove in this corner. The pipe would go through the corner of our bedroom very discretely. The people at the Farmer Supply could paint it white (the pipe is normally silver) to blend in more. We do have to determine if we will need to encase the pipe in drywall -- this is a regulation for Class A pipes, like those used to vent a wood stove, however, since a pellet stove uses a PL Vent pipe, we're not sure we'll need to do this.

We had chosen the corner pictured above based on the regulation that a pellet stove has to be at least four feet from a window that opens. However, when the man from the Farmers Supply came yesterday, he told us that because we'll be venting the stove more than twenty feet away from the window, we might be able to put the stove in the other corner, seen below.

The benefit of having it in this corner is that the heat would better travel through the house, plus the stove is easier to see, a benefit because it is attractive. Installing the stove in this corner would still have the pipe go through a corner in our bedroom discretely, so that wouldn't be a factor. There would also be the benefit that since the stove is going out the roof, the pitch of the roof is lesser on the back of the house requiring us to use less parts. If we need to put sheetrock around the pipe, this corner would be better because we can be sure it wouldn't interfere with our bedroom door.

Looking forward to the stove install October 7!

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