Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer is in Full Swing

It's only one short day until August and summer is in full swing! I am just wrapping up two weeks away from the office. The first week was vacation and the second week was my trip to San Francisco and then the recovery. The warm weather makes me feel quite festive. Unlike my husband and very fuzzy cat, I am a girl of summer. Some recent fun summer things.

Summer Thing #1: I arrived back from my business trip to this purchase:

A lovely set of loose leaf tea ideal for icing from Teavana. I know that some tea snobs are anti-Teavana. I think they are only this way to be contrary and anti-establishment. Overall, Teavana has decent quality tea leaf and a nice assortment of blends. As with small tea vendors, they do travel directly to the growers to select their leaves. My only big complaint about Teavana is the service. The reps are always trying to sell me something I don't want!

I have been enjoying this set greatly. Seth is drinking the iced tea I'm making too! I've tried blending the different teas. They're all herbal, so basically any blend would probably be good. So far I have blended the blueberry rooibos with the peach rooibos. It was great, although the blueberry flavor totally dominated the peach -- you could only detect a hint of peach in the aftertaste. Today I made a blend of the raspberry rooibos with the strawberry peach fruit tea. I will report on my results.

*Update (8/6/11): The raspberry and strawberry blend was awesome! I recently blended the rooibos tropica with the pinapple kona pop! tea. This blend was good but not as great at the other one. I am now going to try to blend the raspberry rooibos and strawberry peach fruit tea blend wiht a little bit of blueberry rooibos for a three-way blend. Hopefully it will be amazing.

Summer Thing #2: The garden is looking quite nice. I have impatiens and snapdragons mostly. I did not realize, due to my complete lack of knowledge, that snapdragons come in different heights. (This was based on the fact that impatiens are all the same.) As a result, I don't have cutting flowers for this year, but that's okay. Seth is always getting me carnations from the market for inside.

As you know, I also have a garden on the other side. It's similarly planted, however, the day lilies that were there when we moved in are kind of taking over that garden. While I think they are fine flowers in general, they are too sprawling and gangly for the small garden space that I have. I am thinking of taking them up next year so I have more room for planting smaller flowers that are more appropriate for the space I have.

Summer Thing #3: Poor Lily! She suffers through summer like a champion. She is quite the fuzzy lady and has been shedding all over everything. Observe as she sheds on my rug.

When Lily is not trying to turn herself into a pancake and melt into the floor, she does enjoy keeping an eye on the local wildlife. She has advanced supervising skills!

Looking forward to one more month of summer (with Fridays off with Seth!!!) before the hectic Phonathon year starts again in September. Bring-on the nice weather please!

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