Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fiber Works

Summer is here and with it come the hot temperatures. The grey blanket with cables, openwork, and bobbles that I have been working on has gotten monstrously huge and is no longer appropriate for working on in the summer time. It makes me super over heated! (Of course, as I write this, I have a super deluxe mega fuzzy cat sprawled all over my lap. Makes one wonder...)

I signed up for a late August class on spinning art yarns at Webs, my local yarn store, this summer. As a result, I have been boning up on my spinning skills. I started spinning up this merino.

I am doing a standard two ply, spun with a short forward draw.

Lily was unimpressed, as usual. ;)

And then disinterested.

I'm waiting to set the twist on the yarn until it's a bit less humid out or it will never dry. I like the results though and cannot wait to learn more at the class!

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