Monday, July 18, 2011

Our First Anniversary

Seth and I had a lovely day yesterday celebrating our first anniversary.

The day started with a surprise. I woke up ready to have my standard breakfast of two pieces of whole grain toast with a cup of chai tea. However, Seth informed me we were going out. We headed down to the Route 9 Diner, location of our first date!

After that we headed over to Atkins on a secret errand. I waited in the car. Seth brought me back carnations -- my favorites!

And a special anniversary cake!

We had wanted to repurchase the top of our wedding cake for our first anniversary, but decided against after finding out it would cost $50 or more. However this red velvet cake with butter cream frosting is just the same thing (minus the decorations).

Being very naughty we decided to have the cake for lunch.

We then perused our wedding albums. The white one is the professional proof album. The black is with images from family and friends.

We then watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and geeked out to the game Star Trek Scene It? We have the deluxe addition in the tin with all five Star Trek captains on the cover. I adore this game. My only complaint is that it's totally TOS/TNG centric. All of the DVD questions were from either the original series or The Next Generation. Come on Voyager and Deep Space 9 are our favorites!

Following our geekery, we headed over to the Eric Carle Museum to browse the exhibits and have memories. They had a nice exhibit about the life of Eric Carle in the West Gallery. Tomi Ungerer, with whom I was not familiar, was in the East Gallery.

Following the museum, we had a wonderful dinner at Tabellas, our favorite restaurant for fancy occasions in town. They have farm to table food and a different menu daily. We had some chickpea fries to start. I had some wine, a pino grigio, and Seth tried some hard cider. (I like mine. He did not love his.) For the main course, we had a chicken breast in a raspberry reduction with potatoes and a risotto with mushrooms, basil, and parmigiano-reggiano. Delicious! Nothing caught our eye for dessert, so we headed home where we relaxed with Lily and watched the new Star Trek film before retiring for the evening.

All in all a wonderful day!

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