Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harman XXV

Exciting news! Yesterday, Seth and I went to the Amherst Farmers Supply to inquire about getting a pellet stove for our house. We had, after some research, settled on the Harman XXV, a quiet and aesthetically pleasing top-of-the-line pellet stove.

The gentleman at the Farmers Supply was very helpful. He went through the entire process with us and worked up the cost with install. We settled on spending a bit more and getting the stove in Majorica Brown enamel.

We plan to have the stove installed on a slab of bluestone in the corner of our living room. As we'll need a short pipe to vent the stove to the outside, we're going to need the approval of the condo board. We submitted information to the condo manager who will present it for approval at the May board meeting. If all goes to plan, we'll be able to install the stove in late May.

Very exciting. I hope that everything goes to plan and the board has no issues with a foot long, six in diameter pipe coming out of our wall. The stove will offset our need for electric heat next year and allow us to have a house that is actually a comfortable livable temperature in the winter months. It looks to be a great investment in our comfort and the value of our home.

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