Monday, January 3, 2011


I just started back at work today after a two week (and several day) vacation. Whew! What great time off. Seth was off with me all the days and we had great fun and relaxation. Since two weeks is a long time for me to remember, I am not sure I can recall all of the stuff that we did but no doubt it was fun.

I traveled to Connecticut for the Christmas holiday. I drove down Friday morning, the morning of Christmas Eve. Fortunately, there was ample time for me to go to the Gold's Gym (aka. the manly man gym) with Greg. That StairMaster could better be called the Stair(s will) Master (you).

Greg, Mom, and I hung out for Christmas eve. One of Greg's friends brought over her two pit bulls for a visit. Lovely dogs. We all very much missed Dozer at Christmas. I really loved my nephew dog. He was a real cutie and a very well behaved puppy. Greg did wonderful work taking care of him, training him, and making sure he had the best dog-life possible. Some parents take less care with their kids (and spend less time with them) than Greg did with Dozer. While I am sure we'll love whatever new puppy comes, whenever he comes, Dozer will always hold a special place in my heart.

Christmas day Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Jimmy came over to celebrate.

We set the table very nicely and had a very tasty prime rib for dinner.

I folded the napkins to look like Christmas trees. Ornaments acted as toppers.

It was wonderful visiting with everyone in Bethany. I stopped by Glastonbury on my way home on Sunday but had to leave early as the snows came.

Luckily, I was able to see Dad and Lisa shortly. This New Year's as per the past four years (except the year we moved), Seth and I had our annual New Year's party. Dad, Lisa, and Seth's parents all came -- the normal crowd. We had nice snacks and toasted the new year.

All in all a great vacation. Fun times all around. Now, back to the reality of work.

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