Sunday, January 30, 2011


The project that I never thought would be done is finished! I finally concluded work on the cable and lace blanket that I started when Seth and I returned from our honeymoon in August. The blanket, intended for one of Seth's friends, is so lovely and huge I can hardly bear to part with it. It would nicely fit a full size bed.

The blanket was quite the event. Although the pattern wasn't overly taxing, there was a serious problem. When working on the blanket over the winter holiday, the needles I was working with broke, the cable breaking from the needle. The open work of the blanket literally unraveled, leaving me panicked and at a loss for what to do. I can fix simple things, but this was a disaster.

Fortunately, my colleague, Julia, is a knitting genius of the highest order and was able to take home and fix the unfixable. The blanket is absolutely perfect. The next blanket I knit is for Julia! It will be in grey and an elaborate cabled affair with open work, bobbles, and the works! Very exciting -- I can't wait to start.

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