Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend, Seth and I drove to Connecticut for a weekend of wedding related activities. I had my first fitting at Harold's, we printed the invitations, and Mom and Aunt Geraldine threw me a shower at the house on Sunday.

The first fitting went very well. This was my first time seeing the dress. The color was just perfect. We took a bunch of pictures, but the dress is secret to Seth before the wedding, so I am not posting any. The dress needs limited alterations -- it just needs to be taken in slightly at the bust. The dress was sent fit to length from Sophia Tolli. It fit perfectly in the waist and fit my shape very well. The train is a bit longer than I expected. It should be very interesting to maneuver in.

I tried on several items in my hair: combs, headbands, and veils. Going to the store, I was thinking I might want a comb, but I didn't really like them after all. The headbands, while lovely, made me look even more youthful. I had thought I wouldn't want a veil. I tried on a few at the store, and was really on the fence. I still thought, leaving Harold's, that I didn't want a veil even though on was quite nice on. Looking at the pictures now, however, I am struck by how nice the veil looks. It really adds a bridal feel to the ensemble. I am shocked to say that I might want to get a veil. The pictures really are striking. My surprise continues. I plan to think it over more.

The printing of the invitations went well. Seth spearheaded the printing initiative. He designed the invites, just like he did the save the date. They have a similar motif. Mom addressed in calligraphy the envelopes. She and I lined them, and they are ready to go out mid-May. I will post pictures after everyone get's theirs in the mail.

The shower on Sunday was lots of fun! It was great to see my family, Seth's family, and all my friends!

Seth and I got loads of great gifts.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the day so special!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Echo Hill

I took a walking tour of the local neighborhood from our condo at Webster Court outward through our larger community called, Echo Hill.

Here is our condo at the end of the row.

We have a lovely pair of cherry trees. They are both out front and in back.

Echo Hill is planned community, built in the 1960s is comprised of the condos (i.e. where we live), a few apartments, and homes. Echo Hill is divided into two associations, Echo Hill South Association and Echo Hill North Association. The latter is comprised only of homes. The South Association includes homes as well as the condos, such as our condo in Webster Court.

The Echo Hill community was built following a model where homes were along smaller neighborhood cul-de-sacs. There is common space. The entire community is residential only, so the streets are quite quiet.

Echo Hill South has two common areas. The first is a meadow.

The second is a pond turned vernal pool (and object of much debate among the association).

Vernal pool or not, this local dog sure seems to enjoy the water!

The Echo Hill North Association also has a pond.

A lovely and quiet neighborhood. A nice place for a walk!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Now that I have finished the blanket, I decided to do some spinning. I started work on this batt.

It's superwash merino. Black on the outside with rainbow on the inside.

It's turning into very cool yarn.

Lily supervises. (As usual, she is not impressed.)

Busy weekend coming up. Seth and I are traveling to Connecticut to print the wedding invites. I am going to have my first fitting. I have yet to see my wedding dress and the sample as in another color, so I am excited to see how the real item looks. Sunday Mom and Aunt Geraldine are throwing me a shower at the house in Bethany. It should be loads of fun. I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can have pictures. I have a lot of items to bring to Connecticut.

The last Phonathon of the year is almost over. The last two shifts, which Maddy is managing, are tonight and tomorrow. All in all a good year in Phonathon. We'll do some calling in the office around reunion and loads of staff calling in June, but most of the late nights are over until the early fall. Looking forward to the summer!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blanket Finished

Today, Seth and I went to the Lexie Barnes warehouse sale. Missy has told Seth about it. (Thanks, Missy!) I got Lily this new project bag.

This is actually the only one of this bag ever made. It was a concept for a bag that Lexie never produced. (This is what Lexie told me -- poor lady had a cold.) The pattern is actually one I already have in a tote, but it's my favorite.

The bag has enough room for a blanket and interior pockets for straights and circulars.

We also got free passes to the upcoming Twist Fair in Northampton May 7 and 8. Twist is my favorite craft fair, and Seth and I always love to go, so the free passes are great!

I finished the blanket I have been working on. This one will be remaining with us.

The pattern was very easy, which was a relief after my recent very complicated cable blanket (which was lovely but needed super attention to detail). I spent a lot of time knitting while watching my newest television obsession Veronica Mars on DVD.

I hope the blanket gets lots of use. Now I am onto another!

Also, for your pleasure, a few Lily glam shots. I like the one with her tail!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Toys for Me

I have a bunch of fun new items. The first major item of "newness" if my new cell phone, a Palm Pixi.

For the past two years, I have been using the Samsung Glyde. Seth and Mom also got this phone, and it was nothing short of a disaster. The touchscreen on the phone was quite faulty, and really stopped being usable. Seth "downgraded" to his old phone which he had saved. My mother is still using her Glyde, but as she is sometimes unable to make calls because the touch screen is so bad, she plans to get a new phone soon. (She's up for a new one anyway.) I was also up for a new phone, and Seth finally said to me Friday, "You can't use that Glyde anymore." Hence the new Palm. It's a 3G Smart phone, so I had to get a data plan, and, while I dislike having to pay the extra $29.99 a month, I am glad to have a phone that does so much. It's also adorable and super slim.

After Seth and my trip to the Verizon store yesterday for the new phone (and to transfer my number from my mother's family share plan to Seth's), we went out for a night on the town in Northampton.

We stopped by Modern Myths where Seth got a new book for his Star Wars RPG (table top) game. We also went to Cooks Shop Here, our local tea shop. The owners have written a book about tea, which I have, and had a new one that just came out in the store. Seth's surprised me and got it -- the authors even signed it!

He also got me their tea sampler for this year.

I had the oolong, and it was great! Seth and I finished last night off with a dinner at Spoleto. They are doing a special $20 3-course meal, which we both enjoyed. It was totally delicious and totally fun to spend some extra special Seth time. After all, there is a lot of time we have to spend taking care of Lily and it's such hard work! ;-)

In exciting other news, the bulky plyer flyer assembly (with orifice and bobbin) that I special ordered for my Ladybug spinning wheel has arrived.

Comparisons with the standard size objects show a marked difference.

I am excited to try it out soon! All in all fun times are being had in Amherst!