Friday, September 3, 2010


We have acquired some new art after our wedding to make our home look nice, fun, and new! Most of the new art is located upstairs, as the downstairs was pretty much all taken care of already.

The only new piece we got for the downstairs was a clever faux Northampton/Amherst transit map. You can see the Carle on the subway map, reminding us of our wedding. The subway doesn't quite go to our house, but it's totally fun to see the Valley!

We got a few pieces for upstairs. All the art in the bedroom is new to match the new furniture. The first painting was a gift from Patrick and his girlfriend, Lisa. It's a signed Eric Carle numbered print from The Very Quiet Cricket, Seth's favorite Eric Carle book. I love the colors -- they go great with the bedroom.

We also picked up some prints to hang above the new chest, as it's not as tall as the highboy we used to have. They are images of Northampton downtown by a local artist.

The first image is of the main intersection downtown. Then there are two images of the stores on the left side of the main street downtown.

Finally, we hung some framed pictures of the wedding and our honeymoon. We hung the first set in the office.

This frame contains pictures with our families -- parents and siblings. Also, we included an enlarged picture of everyone at the wedding.

We hung the final set of pictures in the hallway at the top of the stairs on either side of the bathroom door.

The images on the right are from our honeymoon.

The pictures are from left to right, top to bottom, of the restaurant were we ate every morning in Santa Barbara, of us at the Mission, of the train trip to San Francisco, of the beach in Santa Barbara, of a heart sculpture in Union Square in San Francisco, of the approach to Alcatraz, of my turtle bread, and of the waterfall in Yerba Buena Gardens.

The pictures on the right are of the wedding. We tried to capture the places that we were and each part of the wedding day.

Lovely enhancements to our place!

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