Sunday, August 1, 2010

Honeymoon Day Six: San Francisco Browsing

We started the day by taking the BART over to San Francisco after a wick carb and sugar heavy complementary breakfast at the Washington Inn. We were easily able to walk from the Powell Street stop to our hotel, Beresford Arms Hotel, off Union Square, and were able to check in early.

At this point we were greatly in need of doing some laundry. The young person at the hotel was able to direct us across the street to a laundromat where the very odd and enthusiastic owner promised to do our wash and deliver it back to us.

Laundry set, we decided to explore the local area. We first got some lunch at Lori's, a retro style diner down by the square. We then did some browsing and shopping, stopping to pick me up a fifteen dollar hoodie because the two sweaters that I had brought were not standing up to the mid fifty degree weather.

After our wondering and a brief stop at the local Starbucks for the first real tea I had had in days, we went back to the hotel where we ran into the odd laundry owner who reported that he was unable to locate our clothing. I was, of course, absolutely livid. Turns out that he had forgotten in in one of the driers and was able to fold it and bring it back to us an hour later right before we headed out to meet David and H along with David's cousin, Adam, for some dinner.

We dined at the Cheesecake Factory, located on the seventh floor of the hugest Macy's ever. The view was amazing!

We decided to sit outside to avoid the wait, and thus had a freezing dinner, but a fun time. I even tried some red velvet cake cheesecake, even thought I hardly ever eat cheesecake.

We then hung out at the local Boarders for a while before everyone returned to where they were living/staying for the night.

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