Monday, August 9, 2010

Furniture Shopping

Seth and I went furniture shopping with his parents Saturday to find a new mattress and bedroom set that is going to be their wedding gift to us. (Bed frame, mattress and box-spring from the Sibleys, the two nightstands from Sheila and Gary, and the chest from Mom.)

I did extensive research about mattresses and furniture prior to the shopping so that I could determine if the items we looked at were of good quality.

We first visited Raymour and Flanigan. Everything there was huge! We have a smaller bedroom, about eleven by eleven and none of the pieces would work. Many were unattractive. We then went to Bob's. Some of the sets there seemed unattractive as well or poor quality, but due to my research, I was able to find something that seemed to work. I love the frame the best! It's a sleigh bed. I like the slats instead of a solid sleigh bed. It's a bit lighter, which should work well in a smaller room. The brick wall should show nicely through the slats.

We picked out a bed at the store as well. The innerspring mattresses that they sell are King Koil. We have King Koil beds in all the rooms in Bethany (except mine), and they are great mattresses.

The set is minimalist and very classic looking. It's solid mahogany with a light finish. I like the hardware on the nightstand. The drawers are English dovetailed back and front.

We ended up getting what was called the television chest instead of the highboy. This was because the highboy had an lift top which I disliked and worried about warping overtime, regardless of the set being kiln-dries. I mean, you never know.

The plus of the chest we got is the open shelving. I plan to store books there and some blankets, which I'll store in a nice wicker basket or something for attractiveness sake. We have a lovely chest from Maddy that we'll also continue to use. We wanted something to match our set but didn't need much extra storage for clothing and have no storage shelving in our bedroom, so this piece is perfect.

The bedroom and mattress will hopefully be delivered next week. It will really make the house feel so finished and nicely decorated. I am quite excited. Thanks to everyone who is helping make this wonderful gift possible!

In other home news, the garden out back has been growing. It looks great! Today I was able to cut some flowers for the first time (although I probably could have done so sooner).

They really brighten up the room!

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