Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Wedding

July 17, 2010. Our wedding day. Seth and I got up at a respectably early hour. Seth wanted to get to Greenfield for the mid-morning to hangout with the groomsmen before heading to South Hadley for our 4:30 p.m. ceremony. He packed up his suit and headed out. Lily decided to make her contribution for the day by sitting on the garment bag.

I relaxed a bit and had a nice breakfast. I had been planning to exercise but realized that my Uncle Moe and Aunt Judi were in town from Pennsylvania and that I would have lots of time to exercise but did not often get to visit with them. I gave a call over to my mom who was staying with my Aunt and Uncle over at the Amherst Inn to invite them over since I was just hanging out. They spent some nice time visiting and kept me company while I ate an early lunch before heading out to Salon Herdis in Noho for my noon time hair and make up appointments.

I had a great time at the Salon. Marisol, my amazing stylist, did a beautiful style with retro style waves for the wedding. It still looked like me but a bit special. I also had my make up done. Marisol was very nice to keep me company. The lovely young woman who did my make up did a great job. It looked natural, which was just what I wanted since I hardly ever wear make up.

I headed home and gave Greg a call to pick me up at the condo and bring me to the Amherst Inn where he was with Mom and Grace. Mom had my dress and our condo driveway was a construction zone, so I was planning to get ready at the B&B.

I got there a bit early and was able to have a snack, a wonderful chocolate croissant and some fruit salad. This was key because I had an early lunch and would be eating, for me, a late dinner at 7:00. Everyone got dressed. Grace was very kind and helped me get my veil into place. Mom did the buttons on the back of my dress. Mom and Grace then headed out with Uncle Moe and Aunt Judi. Greg and I waited a little and then went down to meet the Town Car that was to convey us to Abbey Chapel for the ceremony.

We got to Abbey and I headed into spend time in the side chapel with my friends and close family. We picked up our flowers which were lovely and included succulents -- my one request. (Thanks, Aunt Geraldine!) Seth was inside the main chapel where the ceremony was to take place. The groomsmen were either outside directing people to parking or ushering inside. When they wrapped up their duties, they came to line up with the bridesmaids and we began. Everyone (including me) processed to "Romeo and Juliet" by Nino Rota. After the wedding party got out. The doors were closed and Greg, Dad, and I got ready. Greg walked out right before me then Dad and I followed. Seth said that he loved my dress and that it was quite exciting seeing me walk up. I think that the procession was one of the most exciting parts of the day! I was really calm the entire time and just enjoyed myself. I had said that I wouldn't cry and get overwhelmed at the wedding and this was the case. I felt really relaxed the whole day, after all, I love Seth very much and had no reason to be nervous. I knew right away when I met him and he had to have his pen perfectly parallel to his paper that he was the perfect person for me! The past four and a half years have well reinforced this as I have come to learn more and more about him and love him increasingly.

Seth and I had written our ceremony to be a co-Jewish/Catholic wedding. The Deacon from Seth's church, Joe Bete, and my Uncle Moe co-officiated. Everything went off very well. It was all quite exciting, and a lovely moment. It was very nice to have our close family involved. Our parents were included in the ceremony, which I think was a nice touch. Seth had been nervous about smashing the glass right at the end, but he did an admirable job. We recessed to the main theme from Final Fantasy, which was very celebratory.

After the ceremony and a quite receiving line, we took pictures in front of the chapel as a group. We were able to get a shot of all of the people who came to the wedding, which was lovely. There were also pictures for the wedding party and both families. I think that everyone is looking forward to seeing these pictures when V & R post them in a week or two. (Note: There are no pictures on this post because I am waiting for the official ones. My mom had posted some on Facebook and some of Seth's family sent us some nice ones then took, but I didn't want to steal.)

After the wedding party and guests headed out to the cocktail hour at The Eric Carle Museum, Seth and I took some pictures with just the two of us in the garden next to the chapel. This was cut a bit short as it started to drizzle. As we got into the car, it began to pour. It poured for the balance of the drive to the Carle and then stopped right as we arrived. When the rain passed, it was a bit cooler. It had been in the high eighties all day. The rain cut a bit of the humidity and brought down the temperature by maybe five degrees.

Seth and I had planned to enter after the cocktail hour was over but were at the Carle early, so we decided to get announced early so we could mingle and say hello to everyone. This worked very well. The people at the Carle graciously opened both doors to the main entrance for us so that we could make quite the impressive entrance ourselves.

The reception was delightful! Seth and I visited during the cocktail hour and quickly swung through the exhibits. We then sat down for toasts. Sean gave a lovely, very nicely planned out toast. Greg gave a lovely, spur of the moment toast. Seth and I then said some words of thanks and had dinner. The meal was reported to be great, but I did not get to eat a lot because we went to take a few extra pictures and then it was time for the first dance.

For the first dance, we used the recording that Seth made for me for my 21st birthday of "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge. It was wonderful! I then danced with Dad and Seth danced with his mom. As befits us, Dad and I talked about his morning misadventures of his bike trip and as befits Seth and his mom, Seth's mom cried to the very emotional song she had picked.

We then cut the cake, which was slightly delayed by the lack of knife. After that the floor opened to dancing and that was where I was for the rest of the night. If someone wanted to see me, they had to be on the dance floor. I had so much fun dancing with Seth and my friends and family! As I had said, the dancing was what I was looking most forward to at the reception, and it did not disappoint. I was very glad I had gotten sensible flats! Somehow, Seth and I were so busy with the dancing and goings-on that we missed getting to eat our cake.

The dancing went well into the night. We had planned to have "Here Without You" as the last song, as it is significant to us. For some reason the DJ played it and then decided to add a "bonus" of "Cotton-Eyed Joe" which was especially horrifying because I hate that song and had specifically asked him not to play it or any other songs with dance moves. Oh, well....

Seth and I said goodbye to our friends and family and headed back home, where Sean and Missy helped us get everything sorted out. We opened wedding gifts and collapsed into bed at 2:00 a.m. after a most wonderful day!

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