Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Rehearsal

But wait, you say, didn't she just post the wedding post? Aren't these out of order. Well, yes, but I wanted to post the most important first.

The rehearsal was great. We all gathered at Abbey where the Sexton and Deacon helped us make sure that everything was very organized. Everything went smoothly (and I ordered people about a bit as I am wont to do).

We were able to depart on time to head to Fresh Side for the dinner. We had rented out half the restaurant and had everything ready for us buffet style when we got there. It was delicious (with days worth of leftovers that we took home), and I got to spend time with my friends who I don't see nearly enough!

After dinner, Clela, Molly, Melanie, Sarah, and I headed over to Amherst Brewing Company and sat upstairs and had drinks at the bar. It was a great time! I miss seeing my friends since Clela is at law school in New York and Molly, Melanie, and Sarah are all around a two hour drive out
East. Hey, everyone, move back!

After a bunch of time hanging out and chatting, I headed home to get ready for the big day on the morrow!

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