Friday, July 30, 2010

Honeymoon Day Three: Seeing of the Santa Barbara Sights

We decided to eat at the East Beach grill again and then following breakfast to head to the zoo.

The zoo had a snow leopard that Seth really liked. There were also a pair of lions, elephants, giraffes, and gorillas. The animals were in decent habitats, although I wished they all had more space (or were not in the zoo).

We finished up at the zoo in a few hours and took the shuttle bus back to State Street for some lunch at State and A, which was delightful. Seth said that it was one of the best hamburgers that he had ever had out. I had a lovely spinach salad and a local sauvignon blanc.

After lunch we headed over to the courthouse, which was said to be a must see. The sunken gardens looked more like a sunken lawn to us, and it wasn't really our thing. We headed over to the manuscript museum after that.

The museum, which was free, was amazing! They had documents from Conan Doyle en mass. They also had many items by famous composers, most of which were their copies of works by other composers. They also had writings by Einstein, Lincoln, Darwin, and Ian Fleming (the author of James Bond). They had a page of the first edition Gutenberg bible. They also had some religious documents including Torah pages. In addition to print works, there were some Egyptian artifacts and items from early space flight from both Russia and the US.

Following the museum we picked up a few items in town and got some sandwiches to eat back at the hotel for dinner. We then returned, tired, to the motel. The entire day had been quite cold out and we were drained.

After a quiet dinner at the hotel. We decided to brave the weather and go out to the beach, albeit completely clothed, to wade in the surf. We did this until we were too cold and returned back to watch some television and just relax.

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