Friday, July 30, 2010

Honeymoon Day One: In Which Our Heros Travel a Great Deal

Author's note: Seth and I went on a nine day honeymoon to Santa Barbara and San Francisco. As I have a great deal of information to report (there are over seven pages in the journal I kept on the iPad) and loads of pictures (over 400), I am going to post about the honeymoon in installments.

We began the day in a bit of a panic. It seems that I did not set the alarm properly, and it did it go off at five a.m. as planned to wake us for our five thirty departure to the airport. Luckily, Seth happened to wake up at five thirty, and we were able to get on the road at the speed of light and made it to the park and ride and then to the airport in enough time to have a nice breakfast before we departed.

The two plane flights went well. We had an hour layover in Nashville. For both of us this was our first time in Tennessee. The airport of a given location is not a god way to judge it, I am sure, but if I were to judge in that manner, I would say that Tennessee is all about country music and Harley Davidsons.

When our second flight landed in LA, we found the Flyaway bus headed to the train station. The bus ride took around an hour, thirty minutes of which was spent going to all the other terminals at LAX to pick up passengers.

Union Station in LA is a lovely building and a location where we spent an absurd amount of time.

By the time we arrived at the train station, we had been traveling for well over twelve hours. We had some time, around four and a half hours, until our train was scheduled to leave for Santa Barbara. We figured this wasn't quite enough time to head to Hollywood, plus we were tired, so we planned to explore the area around the train station. This turned out to be a bad idea. That was nothing but this ares called Olivera street, which as a faux Mexican village of seriously sketchy leanings. I had a sub par cookie there. We then got a quick bite to eat and spent the rest of our time at the train station just waiting because we were so tired.

The Pacific Surliner train departed around ten minutes late and almost immediately there were problems. At around thirty minutes into our journey, we were stopped because of police activity on the track ahead. (I think that three was an unfortunate accident.) Regardless, we were delayed over an hour and a half. At this point we were very tired from almost twenty four hours of traveling, and I was pretty upset. Seth got some wine and cheese and crackers from the cafe car to help, which was super nice. I then tried to sleep a bit curled against his leg and succeeded for most of the two hours to Santa Barbara, once we finally got moving again.

One highlight of the train was the conductor, who we dubbed speed of sound man. From the moment that we first met him in the LA train station he was rapidly on the move. He talked so fast that it was almost a blur!We checked into the hotel, the first Motel 6 in existence, at midnight local time and promptly fell asleep.

The Motel is perfectly average and serviceable although lacking in any amenities.

We slept an exhausted sleep hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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