Saturday, July 10, 2010

Amazing Work Shower

This past Thursday, my co-workers, Barb and Maddy, threw me an amazing shower at Barb's house. All my other co-workers and work friends came. It was a great time!

(Left to right: Barb, Chris, and me)

(Left to right: Chris, me, and Maddy -- who just got promoted to be the other Phonathon Program Coordinator. Yay, Maddy!)

The party was a tea party. There were amazing tea sandwiches and scones.

My favorite was the pina colada sandwich. Everyone loved it so much that Maddy send us all the recipe.

I got lovely gifts, including many items that Seth and I had wanted from our registry and other items that people super thoughtfully found on their own. Sandy and Karen collected the ribbons from the gifts and made me a hat, since I had a bouquet from the shower at Mom's. They took my picture in the hat in front of Barb's deer heads.

Maddy and Barb even though to have favors and games. We played a bridal word scramble and tried to think of the second half of famous couples.

The tea was from Tease, one of my favorite tea vendors.

Barb's dogs were excellent company at the shower. They got to play after for all their good behavior.

The party was an amazing time. I am so lucky to work with so many wonderful people. A special thanks to Barb and Maddy who put together a party that was fun, thoughtful, and with great attention to detail. I had a great day!

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